Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top Ten Blog Posts Of 2013

It's that time of year again where Americans gather around the computer to check out the top ten lists for the year. Here are the top ten blog posts for Random Thoughts Of A Random Guy From A Random Place Up In The Sky for 2013. This blog is now 2 and-a-half years old and I've written nearly 100 posts in that time. Unlike last year, only one post on this list was written the year previous, and just barely. Based on the number of reads (or hits), here is the list you have been waiting for:

1. "Dead Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Interviewed By Local Paper About Shooting"
After a slow start, this post became quite popular, being number one for several weeks and just beating the number two post by a single read. The official report on the shooting does nothing to clear up this bizarre story, in fact, it doesn't mention it at all.

2. "The Pesky Bill Of Rights"
The way the government has been reacting, these rights are certainly being damned pesky.

3. "Announcing The First Ever Donation Drive"
Circumstances beyond my control forced me to go hat in hand on the internet in an attempt to raise $525. $325 was raised over 3 months, but that extra would still go a long way to alleviating some trauma. Won't you be an angel and help?

4. "President Obama Warns Students To Reject Voices Regarding Government Tyranny The Day After Kent State Massacre Anniversary"
Apparently, only Obama and the sheep he was speaking to missed the irony of this low moment of the year.

5. "George W. Bush - Artist"
Some of former president George W. Bush's paintings were "accidently" released on-line (yeah, right, whatever) and in this post I became an art critic (and why not?).

6. "Michael Hastings, The Car Crash & The Autopsy Report"
After moving to Los Angeles late in 2012, this story became one of the strangest and, at times, most heatedly debated of the entire year. So far, Mercedes has not backed down on their claim that their cars do not explode.

7. "ROBERT F. KENNEDY - The Most Obvious Conspiracy"
The 45th anniversary of RFK's assassination prompted this piece which shows how obvious was this conspiracy and cover-up in that shooting.

8. "Michael Hastings Fiery Car Crash: The Tale Of Two Cars & Disinformation"
Even I make mistakes sometimes and am willing to admit it. This post still supplies perceptions shared by even Mainstream Media (MSM) reporters.

9. "Mass Manipulation - Too Many Gunmen At The Sandy Hook Shooting"
This tragic event was subjected to a variety of disinformation campaigns that nearly boggle the mind. Instead of being boggled, here was an attempt to look at the usual script used once again (if it ain't broke why fix it?).

10. "Gilligan's Island - An Appreciation"
One of my longest blog posts ever was one of the most fun to write. I'm glad it made the top ten.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WARNING! Lone Terrorist Threatens World!

Lone terrorist threatening the world! NORAD has reported that the terrorist left his base at the North Pole several hours ago, flying first over the former Soviet Union, dropping large packages in everyone's homes.
These packages, according to the Homeland Security Agency, are obviously bombs! The terrorist is now flying toward the United States eastern seaboard; there is nothing NORAD can do; protect yourselves and your children!!!
Here is the NORAD link.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

United Nations Scientists Don't Know As The World Turns

I will say at the outset, that the environmental laws that most countries on Earth have passed over the past decades are actually having some results in cleaner water and cleaner air. A cause for some celebration is met with a fairly muted response from those who push the anthropogenic climate change (ACC) agenda. I'm all for protecting the environment whether through individual actions or laws but not at the expense of an agenda that calls for more taxation on an already tax burdened population.

The vitriol I often encounter from ACCers is because although I do believe the climate is changing (and has always been changing), I don't believe mankind causes it. That being said, the latest video released thanks to funding from the United Nations is a real eye opener. Using many layered animation, the video, "Climate Change - The State Of The Science", features a view of the Earth from space as time elapsed graphics show what's in store for our planet if we don't do anything about climate change. As I stated before, this sort of alarmism ignores the fact that some environmental laws have worked and cleaner water and air is noticeable. The doomsday statistics about ACC are spewed forth in a production funded by the United Nations and made by International Geosphere-Biosphere and Globaia with input by many scientists and advisors whose very credibility falls apart within the first few seconds of the video because of a huge flaw!

The Earth does not rotate on its axis to the west! Yes, it's true! The sun does not rise in the west and set in the east. I don't even need to cite any sources about that! It's called observation: the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, therefore, the Earth rotates on its axis to the east.

The scientists, advisors, writers, directors, animation effects department and so forth had to have watched this sequence while building it hundreds if not thousands of times. Not one of them noticed a basic fact of nature! Yet, we are then supposed to trust the models these scientists create and endorse to show us how man has caused and is causing near irreparable harm to the climate. And if we don't start charging people a carbon tax then we are doomed - doomed! Don't piss on my shoes and tell me it's raining.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

GILLIGAN'S ISLAND - An Appreciation

Fifty years ago this month, shooting began on the original pilot of "Gilligan's Island", created and produced by Sherwood Shwartz. Filmed in Hawaii (with the last day of shooting falling on November 22nd, 1963), the pilot was bought by CBS-TV for inclusion on it's Fall, 1964 schedule. Casting changes for three of the characters/actors resulted in very little of the original pilot footage being used for the series proper. From this inauspicious beginning, a cultural phenomenon was created, although none of the cast, crew or producers knew it at the time.

(From left to right: Alan Hale, Bob Denver, Tina Louise, Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Dawn Wells and Russell Johnson. All photos under Fair Use)

Despite strong ratings, "Gilligan's Island" was cancelled after only three seasons*, but it has remained in reruns on television worldwide to this very day. The characters of Gilligan and his fellow castaways are icons and the theme song is instantly recognizable to many people across a wide range. For those who do not know, or need a reminder, the premise of the series was simple: take seven people of varying backgrounds and strand them on a deserted island. The plots revolved around two basic themes: getting the hell off the island or surviving some impending catastrophe whether real or imagined.

The stranding of the seven castaways came about after their "three hour tour" was interrupted by a raging storm. The series featured a strong and talented cast starring Bob Denver as Gilligan, Alan Hale, Jr. as The Skipper, Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III, Natalie Schafer as "Lovey" Howell, Tina Louise as Ginger Grant, Russell Johnson as The Professor and Dawn Wells as Mary Ann. Occasionally a "guest star" would drop in on the island (for whatever outlandish reason) or a wonderfully written "dream sequence" was added to a plot to spice things up.

Although Schwartz pitched his series to network executives as a microcosm of society, it was always intended to be played as a broad comedy. The characters of Gilligan and The Skipper were also intended to be an homage to the great comedy team of Laurel and Hardy, as well as representing the bumbling first mate and his loyal leader. The millionaire reprentatives of society were, of course, Mr. Howell, and his wife, Lovey, while Ginger was the Hollywood starlet wannabe; brains and critical thinking in the form of The Professor and lastly, but certainly not least, Mary Ann as the sweet Kansas farm girl next door.

Friday, November 1, 2013

LAX Shooter Had Anti-"New World Order" Papers In His Bag

Just when you thought you could let another in a continuing series of high profile shootings go by, comes word that the latest lone gunman had anti-government propaganda in his conveniently left behind bag. Among the items were references to the New World Order. Now, CBS News, itself a mouthpiece for the New World Order, has its "consultant", John Miller (former head of counter-intelligence for the LAPD of course), actually say that people who believe in the New World Order are conspiracy nut jobs.

Miller calls the concern about the New World Order, "a growing conspiracy group". Mr. Miller, have you been hiding in a cave the last twenty or so years? As can be seen in the video clips listed below, the idea of the New World Order is not new and has been espoused by some very important American people over the years. So, it is very interesting that CBS and other MSM outlets are making it seem like the New World Order is some new, frightening thing that some nut job conspiracy theorist used as an excuse to kill and injure people.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Climate Change Deniers Should Be Executed!!!

(Flat earth - used under fair use)
It saddens me, really, that whenever I bring up the fact that I don't believe in Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC) I'm met with ridicule and derision. It doesn't seem to matter that I think we as a society should be doing more to protect the environment or that the laws we have in some instances have led to reductions in damage to the environment. No, it is far easier to deride and obfuscate than to have anything even resembling a decent debate. They think I believe the Earth is flat, or the Holocaust didn't happen, or I'm a agent of the Koch brothers, or...well, you get the idea. It's easier to ignore that both sides of the debate have an agenda and that more often than not that agenda is to poison the well or it is money. That alone should raise red flags, but if that even goes against rigid thought, ad hominum is the usual tactic. And after all is said and done, no one has ever wrote anything like, "here is what we can do to help protect the environment". Apparently, that thought can not cross a rigid mind.

So, I'll ask the question (again): what can we do as governments and individuals to continue to protect the one thing we DO have in common, the environment? Individually here are only a few things (research for more):
-Stop your littering
-If you don't need to use your car, use mass transit
-Turn off your lights if you're not using them
-Don't run your air conditioning with windows open; and run it no lower than 74 degrees
-Don't run your heat with windows open; and run it no higher than 68 degrees
-Don't use a leaf blower
-Don't use a gas powered lawn mower
-If you can walk to your destination than do so
-If you can work from home than do so
-Don't leave your computer on 24/7
-Dispose of hazardous materials correctly
Governments can do many things, but one thing they shouldn't do is burden the individual with more taxes. Burden the corporations that damage the environment (and we know who they are) with more taxes most certainly. Governments here are only a few things (research for more and write to your representatives [you do write to them, right?]):
-Strengthen laws that protect the water we drink
-Strengthen laws that protect our rivers, lakes and oceans from pollution
-Strengthen laws that protect our air
-Strengthen laws against the use of hazardous materials in our products which are obviously harmful to people (especially children and the elderly)
-Pass laws that really do punish corporations that recklessly harm our environment (I'm looking at you BP and Exxon)
-Pass laws that require polluting corporations to meet certain obvious standards of safety

Whether or not you believe in ACC or not, just adopting the idea that we are stewards of our environment is a no brainer.
P.S., I still have not received a reply from my U.S. senators regarding my concerns about the Fukushima disaster and what is being done to protect the environment. That's too bad, because Fukushima will haunt us all if something is not done.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Michael Hastings, The Car Crash & The Autopsy Report

Two months after the fatal car crash that apparently took the life of journalist Michael Hastings, the autopsy report has finally been released. In the report, the toxicology screen revealed that Hastings had trace amounts of marijuana and an amphetamine in his system which were both ingested several hours before the crash and were not contributing factors to the so-called accident. Predictably, the Mainstream Media (MSM) pounced on these trace amounts in their headlines essentially to make Hastings a meth head in the eyes of the public and tamp down the many inconsistencies in the official story. Indeed, the release of the autopsy report, coupled with previously released witnesses accounts and videos, makes these many inconsistencies even more glaring and the obvious "blame the victim" meme even more disturbing. The autopsy report mentions the discovery of two empty alcoholic bottles "near" the crash site not once, but twice, even though the report states there was no alcohol in his blood.

The coroner is making his conclusions based on the theory that the decedent was involved in a high speed crash with a "fixed object" (the palm tree). The coroner states that all burns to the body were postmortem, all on the left side, with extensive charring of the head and upper left chest and back and that all fractures on the left side were thermal fractures, also postmortem. This means he was dead before the fire consumed the passenger compartment; with the coroner establishing near instantaneous death due to "massive blunt force trauma" consistent with the sudden deceleration caused by a car hitting a fixed object at high speed.

I stated that the coroner's conclusions were based on a theory because of a restaurant surveillance video that was finally released more than four weeks after the crash. It shows the car was traveling at a speed of about 35 mph and that there are two distinct explosions before the car comes to a stop, when a third and largest explosion takes place. The distance between the restaurant camera and the point of the car stopping is about 200 feet. The time between the car next to the camera and the point of the car stopping is 4 seconds. This results in a speed of about 35 mph. The posted speed on Highland is 35 mph.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Michael Hastings Fiery Car Crash: The Tale Of Two Cars & Disinformation


[Author's note: when I discover that I have erred, I admit it. In this case, it was the color of the car on fire against the tree. New video has been released from a restaurant's surveillance camera that shows the car going past and exploding (see below). That car is light in color, and if this new video is a true representation, then the car on fire against the tree must also be light in color (see below) and it is indeed. This error on my part, however, does not negate that this is still a tale of two cars as the video of the car going through the red light cannot be the same as the car that crashed because of the four minutes that elapsed until the cameraman pulls up to the crash scene only a minute or so after the crash (see below). The new text about the color is in red, while most of the original text remains but has been struck through.]

At around 4:25 am on the morning of Tuesday, June 18th, 2013, investigative journalist, Michael Hastings met an apparent untimely end in a fiery one car crash just south of Hollywood. On the face of it, the crash would be yet another automobile tragedy. Because of the types of stories Mr. Hastings researched and wrote about, the inevitable conspiracy "theories" sprang forth in the world of cyberspace. Since these days, a conspiracy "theorist" is just above a terrorist, the Mainstream Media (MSM) could easily pat themselves on the back and chortled at the poor tin hat wearers. Meanwhile, the conspiracy forums would explode with in-fighting about which agency did what to who for how much money and why. Both of these elements miss the one fact that should be raising a red flag and shows that something is wrong with this one car crash: disinformation.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ROBERT F. KENNEDY - The Most Obvious Conspiracy

(A mortally wounded Senator Robert F. Kennedy asks if "everyone else is alright?". Photo through Fair Use.)

After midnight on June 5th, 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who had just won the California Democratic Primary, was walking through the kitchen pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, having just gave a victory speech, when he was felled by assassin's bullets. The official narrative of this assassination is fairly cut and dried. Sirhan Sirhan, an apparently disgruntled 24 year old Palestinian Arab, emptied his .22-caliber revolver from in front the approaching Kennedy and was still firing as he was tackled by onlookers. There was a trial, Sirhan's defense team stipulated to his guilt and he has spent the last 45 years in jail. Below is a video of RFK's press secretary, Frank Mankiewicz, announcing the Senator's death.

This New York Times article from June 6th, 1968, pretty much sums up the Mainstream Media (MSM) official version of events with a remarkable lack of contradictions for early reporting. So, how is the assassination of RFK the obvious conspiracy? Because the eyewitnesses and the autopsy report totally contradict the official version. It's not even close.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Confessions Of A Boston Baked Bomber

by Dzzhochar Tsarnova

Ha Ha! I have the simpleton infidels right where I want them. Through my brilliant machinations, which I will explain further, the Great Satan will be brought down to his knees! Although I may not have died a martyr like my brother, Tamerlamershammalamma, who now enjoys the inexperience of over 70 virgins in the great Valhalla, no wait, dammit(!), well, you know what I mean in the world of the living I'm enjoying the adoration of more teenage girls than Justin Bieber. Ahahahaha, life is good for me!

To think, our revenge against the infidels of Boston began just over a month ago, and the story your government keeps spinning makes it difficult for a world-renowned terrorist, such as myself,  to even try to keep up. But, I will!

(Here I am during my Bob Dylan phase. Yes, the times they are a-changing.)
It all began innocently enough when my brother and I were shopping at the local mass quantity warehouse store and spotted some rather fetching pressure cookers. On the spur of the moment we bought six of them. Once home we went immediately to the internet to learn how to make...bombs out of them! HaHa! Not only that, you putrid infidels, we decided to take them to the Boston Marathon. However, before we left, we had one too many tokes and forgot the bombs and wound up carrying schoolbooks in our backpacks! Bah! It did not matter. Our cleric had called us to meet him at 666 Bolyston (yes, infidel, 666, bwahahahahaha!!!!!) and we were standing and standing around waiting for the guy. Then, BOOM, BOOM. We then understood our place in this attack and got the freaking infidel outta there!

Monday, May 6, 2013

President Obama Warns Students To Reject Voices Regarding Government Tyranny The Day After Kent State Massacre Anniversary

On May 5th, 2013, the day after the 43rd anniversary of the Kent State, Ohio Massacre, President Obama, speaking at Ohio State University, warned graduating students to "reject" voices that exclaim tyranny in government is "just around the corner". I'll be happy to wait a moment as you read that again. As there is no coincidence in politics, Obama's address against the "voices" and when and where it was given in Ohio is more than a bit significant.

(Before the shooting with tear gas in the air - photographer unknown - added under fair use)
Here is the top representative of our government telling us not fear the government. "Unfortunately, you've grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that's at the root of all our problems", the President said with a straight face. For this statement is, without the pejorative "unfortunately", quite correct. But, then the President spins this away from rightful questioning of tyranny in government by saying that, "(Y)ou should reject these voices", because, "they suggest", our, "unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham with which we can't be trusted". No, these "voices" are more concerned with rescuing our unique experiment from the clutches of the military/industrial complex, or corporation-as-people, that control it now.

How very fitting that the President gave this warning in a state that saw the ugly result of government tyranny in death, blood and gore. A state from which petitions to Obama's own Justice Department rejected not voices, but any reopening of the Kent Sate shooting case. Kent State, where on May 4th, 1970, National Guard Troops killed 4 students and injured 9 more in a barrage of gunfire that when reading contemporaneous reports echo many of today's start and stop reporting of major events. But when you read the New York Times article on the massacre (none of the students were armed) you read good ol' fashioned journalism as the article reports "official" versions of events that were augmented by the reporter stating what he saw which, not surprisingly, contradicted official reports.

(National Guard Troops fire upon unarmed civilians at Kent State - photo by John A. Darnell -  added under fair use)
Also, like Obama in excusing his drone strikes that kill civilians, the President at the time, Richard Nixon, in his official statement about the Kent State Massacre, played the blame the victim card. "This should remind us all once again that when dissent turns to violence it invites tragedy". Even 43 years ago, the usual machinations were in place. There were early reports that the Guard Troops fired after sniper fire, which was totally contradicted by not only witnesses at the scene but also by that pesky reporter. "This reporter, who was with the group of students, did not see any indication of sniper fire". Yep, the more things change the more they remain the same. The protest was not as overtly violent as Nixon suggested. The protesters were throwing rocks at the troops and their tear gas canisters back at the troops. Yep, that is pretty violent when facing down armed troops. However, in the context of the times, with college campus protests almost the norm, we today forget that there was a tacit understanding that most of the time the troop's guns were loaded with blanks. Yes, I know, crazy! Apparently, kids from 1970 were just as naive about what they faced as are the kids from today who blithely sat through President Obama's warning to not listen to the voices of dissent.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FOOD STAMPS - Come To My Door With Your Torches And Pitchforks!

One of the stranger divisive issues to enter American politics recently is the one where people on food stamps should not also buy, with their own money, booze and, gasp (!) tobacco. Newsflash! The sanctimonious blowhards who perpetuate this argument are being completely disingenuous because you can't buy booze or tobacco with food stamps! Get it? They are called food stamps.

Here's the quick story: I pay taxes. A few times over my life I have qualified for food stamps - like right now. Without it, I'd be homeless. Homelessness, we may agree, is a much bigger burden on our welfare system. Some wags will say that the poor should be careful with their "discretionary" income all the while ignoring the enormous burden place upon tax payers by the corporate welfare state. Newsflash #2! The rich are being subsidized by the tax payers. That's why they have lawyers and lobbyists.

So, the rich can party but not the poor? Because some people need assistance from us, the tax payers, they should continue to remove more joyousness from their lives? How does that work into the "happiness" part of the Constitution? Like, "sorry family, we're on food stamps and Christmas is cancelled", or "no birthday for Billy", or "if you want to watch a movie, go to the neighbors", or "well, time to get rid of our pets".

I'll say it again: it is all about housing and corporate welfare! The government has said that housing should account for no more than one-third of monthly income. Well, that's all fine and dandy, but the actual amount is 50% or more, an especial burden for the poor. So, should I be able to buy booze or tobacco with my hard earned money? You bet! We tax payers subsidize the rich through a vast array of resources for them. Know what? They buy booze, too.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Pesky Bill Of Rights

Back in the day, people in government compromised. The new Constitution of the United States of America, featuring more power for a central government, only came to pass because of the compromise to include the Bill Of Rights. These Rights are laid out in a specific order and there are ten of them. Let's look, shall we?

(The pesky Bill Of Rights.)
The 1st Amendment is all about freedom of and from religion, freedom of speech and assembly and that good ol' right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Pretty astounding when you think about it. But, rather pointless without the 2nd Amendment, which, without coincidence is second. You can't write something like the 1st Amendment, with it's pesky rights, and they are our rights, without a way to defend those rights. And by golly, the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms and defend that precious 1st Amendment. Yep. Damn pesky. For one cannot exist without the other, and those folks in government who are really, really tired of people having ANY RIGHTS are presented here with a part of a document that is not only pesky, but damn irratating for them as well. Not only that, the intertwining of these two Amendments, is pesky and irritating for people who believe they have a left wing or right wing view of the whole thing.

But, wait!!! There's more!

It's the 3rd Amendment! A close examination of this Amendment by the jaded, terrorist fearing crowd of the 21st century, reveals cries of antiquation! Oh, come on, really? Troops being quartered in my house? What is this, the 18th century? Regardless of all the misery and death that the military/industrial complex heaps upon the people on a daily basis, the heart of this amendment has had a lasting effect. Even today, in the 21st century, you'd be hard pressed to find some CIA backed dictator in Africa infringing on this, uh, American Right.

Which leads us then to the important, "I've been arrested for something and I can't get up" Amendments. The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments all deal with the fact that the rights of the accused supersede those of the accuser. In other words, America believes in an axiom that was expressed, ironically if you prefer, by English jurist William Blackstone in 1765, "Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer".

And, now we fall upon the 9th and the 10th Amendments, which not only strengthen support of the "you can't have have the 1st which is defended by the 2nd, which also defends the 3rd Amendments" but also uses language so simple that one may be shocked to learn over 200 years later that the words were written by lawyers! And we all know how pesky lawyers can be.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


A well regulated Climate being necessary to the 

security of a free Earth, the right of Mother Nature to 

keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

(photo: source unknown, taken at Sydney, Australia)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CLIMATE CHANGE Leads To Prostitution And 'Arab Springs'

(Me give you climate change long time!)
Two recent articles point out that even amongst the climate change community lie folks who might be, well, a little tin foil hattie. One article quotes a U.N. official as saying climate change will increase prostitution (yep) while another trumpets a conference that will explore that one of the causes of the so-called 'Arab Spring' (a revolutionary uprising in Egypt) was none other than climate change! These rather strange results, or possible results, actually have roots more in the inhumanity of man against man and the pursuit of money and power than in climate change. These results also seem to disproportionally effect brown people, which of course, leaves whites to be, well, whites.

Friday, February 8, 2013

George W. Bush - ARTIST

Some of the the e-mail accounts operated by the Bush family were hacked recently by someone known as Guccifer and the Secret Service is investigating the matter. Apparently, phone numbers, secret codes and the like were leaked to the public, but no smoking gun ala 9/11 for example. What is interesting are two self-portraits by the United States of America's most recent dictato..., er, uh, President.

I am not an art critic, but I like paintings. The two hacked and or released George W. Bush paintings are not only self-portraits but are also semi-nude works. Furthermore, they depict the act of bathing. I don't need to drag out my dusty edition of the Rodent's Thetharus (rhymes with Petraeus) to note what the act of bathing symbolizes. But, still. Come on!

Below is Self-Portrait #1, what I'll title "Bush Shower". Please study it well. On the one hand it is a fairly competent rendering of of our ex-dictat..., er, uh, dammit, I mean, President, taking a pleasant shower. And who in this great country of ours doesn't want to enjoy a nice hot, non-political, pleasant shower?

(Self-Portrait #1. by George W. Bush)
First, what strikes the viewer, besides the implication that our most recent ex-President is not only painting in the off-season*, but doing serious semi-nudes, is that Bush's back is toward the viewer. His face is seen, though, in an oblique shaving mirror, but only partially, as we see only his eyes [the mirrors of the soul] and his nose and his right ear [shades of JFK -Dallas]. Now before any of you conspiracy nuts go off half-cocked, these photos were taken with the canvas on the easel. So, there is no symbolism regarding the brown "object" above the shower head. Anyway...our, I mean, President, seems to shower in the usual spartan of areas. Although the painting seems to reveal a lot about the artist through his use of the semi-nude, very little is actually revealed. Some purists, of course, will intimate that our, uh, President, may or may not, be masturbating. But, I'll let the Joyce Brothers among youse hash that one out.

From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, the second self-portrait from George W. Bush is more rewarding. I'll call it "Bush Bathtub". Once again in the act bathing, perhaps washing off that blood from the Endless War he used as a pretext for the revenge of 9/11 - ooops, dammit, extrapolating again - anyhow, we see our ex-stolen elect----um, I mean, President, taking a nice relaxing hot bath. Really, who among us Americans of these great United States don't enjoy a nice relaxing hot bath?

(Self-Portrait #2, by George W. Bush)
I mean, what the flying fuck of fucks is going on here? Well for one thing, our ex-supreme lea----, golly fuck it, I mean President, has not only pulled off an interesting scene, he has addressed the vagaries of water! In an odd, ex-presidential sort of way, Bush has imagined not only the bobbing nature of the legs in water, but the water itself as it cascades out of the faucet and envelopes the legs of the artist himself. It is almost photogenic in its innocent, or the conspiracy mongers about us might surmise, photoshopped! For some reason, Bush's rendering of the water itself hypnotizes in ways I can not...well, recall.

It's fitting when one thinks about these paintings. Water as metaphor for waterboarding and the cleansing nature of such water as a way to assuage oneself of the dirty blood of wars carried on by his self-portraitizing current occupier of the White House. Whatever one may think about our ex-crazy----, I mean, President, we cannot say he is without, perhaps, a self-revelatory nature than most of the so-called liberals would care to admit.

*= Bush likes pro baseball

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mass Manipulation - Too Many Gunmen At The Sandy Hook Shooting

At this point, to question any part of the official story of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th, 2012, could be prosecuted as a crime. That's how far it has come since last summer's shooting at the Aurora, CO movie theater. These reactions are to be expected because they are one of the many byproducts of mass manipulation. Questioning equals conspiracy theory and questioners are conspiracy theorists. Or the wearer of tin foil hats. But, in this case, those accused of wearing such hats are at risk of a televised attack by Anderson Cooper or criminal prosecution by the authorities.
(aerial photo of Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th, 2012)
With this study, I would like to move past this knee-jerk equation of what defines questioning of any official story. I am not proposing a conspiracy theory. My main purpose is to ask questions of the simplistic official story of a very complex case. Specifically, like the Aurora shooting and the Sikh Temple shooting, Sandy Hook also had early reports of gunmen which eventually disappeared without any more mention in the Mainstream Media (MSM).

The Aurora shootings had both eyewitnesses to more than one gunman and/or accomplice and police scanner audio recordings featuring descriptions of two extra suspects. The Sikh Temple shooting had a few eyewitness accounts of more than one gunman, but no chatter about them on the police scanner. The Sandy Hook shooting not only had eyewitness reports and police scanner audio of more than one gunman, it also had police helicopter video footage that was telecast on national television of the police chasing and arresting one of the gunman in the trees next to the school!