Monday, September 22, 2014

ANNOUNCING - New Gaza Housing Development


A new housing development in Gaza. Yes, it's true! You and your loved ones can move into this beautiful new house in the brand new Gaza housing development! The leases for these gorgeous "houses" are going fast! The amenities are nearly too numerous to mention.

Check out the central heating. You will never go cold again, my friends. Of course, there is ample space for you to place your furniture into any configurations you can think of, within your lease agreement terms, of course. Plenty of room for your pets to wander about the development as well! What schools and hospitals that still exist are within a rocket launch away from this fabulous development!

As some of our prospective buyers have discovered, you are merely buying back your own "homes", but what the hey, a family's got to do what a family has got to do! Am I right, my friends? Hope to see you soon!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cell Phone Service Down Around The Country - Mainstream Media Blackout


When I got home from a gig in Hollywood yesterday (September 12th), I discovered I no longer had text or calling capabilities with my cell phone. After doing some research, I found that this is a wide spread problem across the nation with not only my cell provider (Sprint), but with other companies as well.

Interestingly enough, this massive outage affecting millions of Americans has been totally unreported by the Mainstream Media (MSM). Go ahead and check it out for yourself, for as of this writing, absolutely nothing about this has been reported. The only information outside of Sprint's Facebook page comes from a website called Here are Sprint's nationwide outages as of the time of publication of this blog post. But, as I've mentioned, it is not only Sprint. Here's the nationwide map for US Cellular. Things with AT&T look even worse. Lastly, and randomly, here is what the map for T-Mobile looks like.

(The author failing once again to get a connection.)

Reading the comments for each map reveals some interesting and on-going problems that haven't been confined to just the last 24 to 48 hour period. The person on Sprint's Facebook page is trying to get some answers to the problem, but it kind of reminds me of that song, "Nowhere Man". What is more frustrating and a bit unsettling than the phone service being down is the utter lack of any MSM coverage. Why that is, I have found nary a clue. Repeated e-mails to the local news TV stations have gone unanswered. If anyone out there reading this is having similar problems, please make a comment. I'll provide any updates when they are applicable. Hello?


According to Sprint on-line staff, as far as my situation goes, it is caused by "a tower is currently impaired in your area. Our network team is aware and working diligently to resolve the issue." This doesn't explain what is happening around the country, of course. I still cannot text or make calls.


After nearly 48 hours I can sort of get the phone to work. By that I mean I have to try several times before a call will go through AND THEN WHILE I'M STANDING IN THE BACKYARD! Sprint wants me to take my phone to one of their stores for some diagnosis which makes no sense to me as it is their problem. Besides, I don't have the time to do that because I'm busy working to pay for the service to begin with. Solar flares my ass!


By standing in the backyard in 107 degree heat I was able to finally contact Sprint's 'customer service' on the my phone. I was told that they are aware of the problem but it will not be fixed until THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH! That would be nearly a week. And they are blaming it on a single cell tower in my neighborhood. Does that make any sense? Is this some scam to make me buy a new phone? And there are still no reports about it on the news. You decide.


Here we are, Day 17, and the problem has still not been fixed. It was, I was told, to be fixed today. But, no. Time to go in the backyard and hopefully find a signal and then call the inappropriately named Sprint Solutions.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where In The World Is Barack Obama?

I ran across this video on the so-called interweb. In it, President Obama appears out of nowhere to give his 'peaceful' bomb the shit out of ISIS speech. Beside the point that ISIS was created by the United States Government to fight that badass Assad from Syria and is now our new, polished public enemy number one, we have the Obombster seemingly being beamed in ala Scotty-style to give his latest all important speech to the American sheeple, er, uh, I mean , people. I mean, where in the world is Barack Obama? This green screen speech given on the anniversary of 9/11 is odd enough, but Obama appearing, nay materializing, to give the speech is well, uhm, a bit bizarre, don't you think? Kill Usama! Oh, wait, we already did, right?

I mean, really, here is this video of him appearing out of nowhere. It must be a Republican plot, right? Well, then, there, now. Regardless, the President Peace Prize once again extolls us into yet another war. Another war. I'm so fucking tired of these endless wars. Aren't you?

The video, is of course, no longer available. That should tell you something.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Help Out Clyde Lewis Of Ground Zero Radio

My pal, Clyde Lewis, host of Ground Zero Radio, is in need of some financial help due to yet more medical problems. Here is a link to a site soliciting donations on Clyde's behalf and a disclaimer states that Clyde himself has nothing to do with setting it up. Just something a friend and a fan decided to do. This blog post is my way of doing what little that I can.

I first met Clyde when I appeared on his show to plug my new documentary, "John Lennon - A Conspiracy Of Silence". Although I don't agree with Clyde's theories about Lennon's assassination and some other theories he has, I found the experience fun and enjoyable. When the Occupy movement hit Portland, Oregon, I did a film about it that featured Clyde, along with his sometime cohort, Eric Sloane. See the link below for that particular video and if you can give anything for this donation drive, fantastic, if not, please share this with your friends.