Monday, September 16, 2013

Climate Change Deniers Should Be Executed!!!

(Flat earth - used under fair use)
It saddens me, really, that whenever I bring up the fact that I don't believe in Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC) I'm met with ridicule and derision. It doesn't seem to matter that I think we as a society should be doing more to protect the environment or that the laws we have in some instances have led to reductions in damage to the environment. No, it is far easier to deride and obfuscate than to have anything even resembling a decent debate. They think I believe the Earth is flat, or the Holocaust didn't happen, or I'm a agent of the Koch brothers, or...well, you get the idea. It's easier to ignore that both sides of the debate have an agenda and that more often than not that agenda is to poison the well or it is money. That alone should raise red flags, but if that even goes against rigid thought, ad hominum is the usual tactic. And after all is said and done, no one has ever wrote anything like, "here is what we can do to help protect the environment". Apparently, that thought can not cross a rigid mind.

So, I'll ask the question (again): what can we do as governments and individuals to continue to protect the one thing we DO have in common, the environment? Individually here are only a few things (research for more):
-Stop your littering
-If you don't need to use your car, use mass transit
-Turn off your lights if you're not using them
-Don't run your air conditioning with windows open; and run it no lower than 74 degrees
-Don't run your heat with windows open; and run it no higher than 68 degrees
-Don't use a leaf blower
-Don't use a gas powered lawn mower
-If you can walk to your destination than do so
-If you can work from home than do so
-Don't leave your computer on 24/7
-Dispose of hazardous materials correctly
Governments can do many things, but one thing they shouldn't do is burden the individual with more taxes. Burden the corporations that damage the environment (and we know who they are) with more taxes most certainly. Governments here are only a few things (research for more and write to your representatives [you do write to them, right?]):
-Strengthen laws that protect the water we drink
-Strengthen laws that protect our rivers, lakes and oceans from pollution
-Strengthen laws that protect our air
-Strengthen laws against the use of hazardous materials in our products which are obviously harmful to people (especially children and the elderly)
-Pass laws that really do punish corporations that recklessly harm our environment (I'm looking at you BP and Exxon)
-Pass laws that require polluting corporations to meet certain obvious standards of safety

Whether or not you believe in ACC or not, just adopting the idea that we are stewards of our environment is a no brainer.
P.S., I still have not received a reply from my U.S. senators regarding my concerns about the Fukushima disaster and what is being done to protect the environment. That's too bad, because Fukushima will haunt us all if something is not done.