Tuesday, January 31, 2017

TO MOVE FORWARD Trump Protests Need To Stop Giving A Platform To Haters, Murderers & Abusers

The Women's March On DC and throughout the country on January 21st, 2017 was a huge success. Estimates of up to 4 million people marched in various cities and towns to protest against the most egregious Trump Administration policies and promised practices. Like the Bernie Sanders' huge rallies and movement of last year, for this important work to move forward, these events and protests need to stop giving a platform to hateful people, murderers and sexual abusers. Ironically, people who epitomize exactly what most are protesting against.

Not that these recent People's movements are harbingers of allowing such people platforms, for these variety of leeches have plagued modern movements for decades. Organizer's ignorance about them can only account for a fraction of the time they secure on a platform. Too often, their pasts/presents apparently are simply ignored for whatever reasons. Here are three examples of people who need to have their access to platforms at protests and events against the Trump Administration removed.

(Protesters in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, January 21st, 2017 - Fair Use)

Micah Rhodes, a co-leader of Portland's (Oregon) Resistance, was recently accused of sexually abusing a teen boy and girl. What makes this more astounding was that even though he was a co-leader at numerous marches and rallies, he had previous sexual assault history and is a registered sex offender. The linked article explains why this history was likely unknown due to the conviction happening in juvenile court.

Donna Hylton, a featured speaker at the Women's March In DC, is a convicted felon who took part in the kidnapping, torturing, sodomizing and murder of an old man. Yes, you should probably read that again, slowly. She asked for a large ransom, even though her and her co-felons had already killed the man, Thomas Vigliarole. This information comes from an article in Psychology Today published in July, 1995. Hylton was sentenced to 25 years in 1985. Today, she is apparently a professional victim...

(Donna Hylton at the Women's March in DC. Photo by Getty Images under Fair Use)

Linda Sarsour, a well-known activist and also a well-known spew spout of hatred, was a co-chair of the Women's March On DC! This so-called supporter of women's rights actually attacked via Twitter, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, activist, author and survivor of female genital mutilation. Here is her 2011 quote. Horrible.

Needless to say, people like the ones described and exposed above, should not be allowed a platform at any rallies, protests or marches. Their mere presence not only seriously undermines the movement's goals but gives easy fodder for Republican and right-wing detractors and Trump Administration apologists.