Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top Ten Blog Posts Of 2013

It's that time of year again where Americans gather around the computer to check out the top ten lists for the year. Here are the top ten blog posts for Random Thoughts Of A Random Guy From A Random Place Up In The Sky for 2013. This blog is now 2 and-a-half years old and I've written nearly 100 posts in that time. Unlike last year, only one post on this list was written the year previous, and just barely. Based on the number of reads (or hits), here is the list you have been waiting for:

1. "Dead Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Interviewed By Local Paper About Shooting"
After a slow start, this post became quite popular, being number one for several weeks and just beating the number two post by a single read. The official report on the shooting does nothing to clear up this bizarre story, in fact, it doesn't mention it at all.

2. "The Pesky Bill Of Rights"
The way the government has been reacting, these rights are certainly being damned pesky.

3. "Announcing The First Ever Donation Drive"
Circumstances beyond my control forced me to go hat in hand on the internet in an attempt to raise $525. $325 was raised over 3 months, but that extra would still go a long way to alleviating some trauma. Won't you be an angel and help?

4. "President Obama Warns Students To Reject Voices Regarding Government Tyranny The Day After Kent State Massacre Anniversary"
Apparently, only Obama and the sheep he was speaking to missed the irony of this low moment of the year.

5. "George W. Bush - Artist"
Some of former president George W. Bush's paintings were "accidently" released on-line (yeah, right, whatever) and in this post I became an art critic (and why not?).

6. "Michael Hastings, The Car Crash & The Autopsy Report"
After moving to Los Angeles late in 2012, this story became one of the strangest and, at times, most heatedly debated of the entire year. So far, Mercedes has not backed down on their claim that their cars do not explode.

7. "ROBERT F. KENNEDY - The Most Obvious Conspiracy"
The 45th anniversary of RFK's assassination prompted this piece which shows how obvious was this conspiracy and cover-up in that shooting.

8. "Michael Hastings Fiery Car Crash: The Tale Of Two Cars & Disinformation"
Even I make mistakes sometimes and am willing to admit it. This post still supplies perceptions shared by even Mainstream Media (MSM) reporters.

9. "Mass Manipulation - Too Many Gunmen At The Sandy Hook Shooting"
This tragic event was subjected to a variety of disinformation campaigns that nearly boggle the mind. Instead of being boggled, here was an attempt to look at the usual script used once again (if it ain't broke why fix it?).

10. "Gilligan's Island - An Appreciation"
One of my longest blog posts ever was one of the most fun to write. I'm glad it made the top ten.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WARNING! Lone Terrorist Threatens World!

Lone terrorist threatening the world! NORAD has reported that the terrorist left his base at the North Pole several hours ago, flying first over the former Soviet Union, dropping large packages in everyone's homes.
These packages, according to the Homeland Security Agency, are obviously bombs! The terrorist is now flying toward the United States eastern seaboard; there is nothing NORAD can do; protect yourselves and your children!!!
Here is the NORAD link.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

United Nations Scientists Don't Know As The World Turns

I will say at the outset, that the environmental laws that most countries on Earth have passed over the past decades are actually having some results in cleaner water and cleaner air. A cause for some celebration is met with a fairly muted response from those who push the anthropogenic climate change (ACC) agenda. I'm all for protecting the environment whether through individual actions or laws but not at the expense of an agenda that calls for more taxation on an already tax burdened population.

The vitriol I often encounter from ACCers is because although I do believe the climate is changing (and has always been changing), I don't believe mankind causes it. That being said, the latest video released thanks to funding from the United Nations is a real eye opener. Using many layered animation, the video, "Climate Change - The State Of The Science", features a view of the Earth from space as time elapsed graphics show what's in store for our planet if we don't do anything about climate change. As I stated before, this sort of alarmism ignores the fact that some environmental laws have worked and cleaner water and air is noticeable. The doomsday statistics about ACC are spewed forth in a production funded by the United Nations and made by International Geosphere-Biosphere and Globaia with input by many scientists and advisors whose very credibility falls apart within the first few seconds of the video because of a huge flaw!

The Earth does not rotate on its axis to the west! Yes, it's true! The sun does not rise in the west and set in the east. I don't even need to cite any sources about that! It's called observation: the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, therefore, the Earth rotates on its axis to the east.

The scientists, advisors, writers, directors, animation effects department and so forth had to have watched this sequence while building it hundreds if not thousands of times. Not one of them noticed a basic fact of nature! Yet, we are then supposed to trust the models these scientists create and endorse to show us how man has caused and is causing near irreparable harm to the climate. And if we don't start charging people a carbon tax then we are doomed - doomed! Don't piss on my shoes and tell me it's raining.