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Michael Hastings Fiery Car Crash: The Tale Of Two Cars & Disinformation


[Author's note: when I discover that I have erred, I admit it. In this case, it was the color of the car on fire against the tree. New video has been released from a restaurant's surveillance camera that shows the car going past and exploding (see below). That car is light in color, and if this new video is a true representation, then the car on fire against the tree must also be light in color (see below) and it is indeed. This error on my part, however, does not negate that this is still a tale of two cars as the video of the car going through the red light cannot be the same as the car that crashed because of the four minutes that elapsed until the cameraman pulls up to the crash scene only a minute or so after the crash (see below). The new text about the color is in red, while most of the original text remains but has been struck through.]

At around 4:25 am on the morning of Tuesday, June 18th, 2013, investigative journalist, Michael Hastings met an apparent untimely end in a fiery one car crash just south of Hollywood. On the face of it, the crash would be yet another automobile tragedy. Because of the types of stories Mr. Hastings researched and wrote about, the inevitable conspiracy "theories" sprang forth in the world of cyberspace. Since these days, a conspiracy "theorist" is just above a terrorist, the Mainstream Media (MSM) could easily pat themselves on the back and chortled at the poor tin hat wearers. Meanwhile, the conspiracy forums would explode with in-fighting about which agency did what to who for how much money and why. Both of these elements miss the one fact that should be raising a red flag and shows that something is wrong with this one car crash: disinformation.

When people or agencies are willing to deploy disinformation on a story, then the story becomes more than that, it becomes a conspiracy. The day after the crash, video from a dash cam was released and voraciously eaten up by both the MSM and alternative (read: conspiracy) press. Why? Because the video showed Mr. Hastings blowing a red light at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd. and Highland Ave. The car that crashed into a palm tree and "blew up" was just south of Melrose Ave. on Highland Ave. The disinformation in this case is subtle, but it is there. The video of the car blowing the red light shows a silver or light colored car. The video of the car on fire next to the palm tree is also shows a black or dark colored car. Compare the photos below  light in color, but according to the cameraman four minutes elapsed between the time the car blew the red light and when he pulled up to the flaming wreck about a minute after the impact. Although both cars are light in color, they cannot be the same car because a car going about 90 mph would travel the distance in about 20 seconds! It should be pointed out that video which is linked below showing the car running the red light comes from LoudLabs News, as are the screen captures.

The car above in flames is black or dark in color. Compare it to the street color and the dark colored car in the background and the steel color of the lamp post. [It was through comparison of the new video released by LA Weekly (see link below in 2nd update) with the video still shown above and color de-saturation and image correction that the color of the car on fire was found to be a light color (in the original post, the photo above was in color). Note the contrast of the car door and the fender and compare it to the water pouring out from the broken hydrant, the lamp post and the curb.]

The car shown above is speeding through a red light at the intersection and is silver or light in color, even with the blur because of the car's speed. Consider this Facebook account related in an article of a man waiting at the red light. He describes a "pearl white Mercedes" which blew past him and shook his car "like a freight truck going by". So, both the dash cam and the witness in a car waiting at the red light describe a light colored car. Also, by the admission on the LoudLabs video, the car that runs the red light and then the shot from the dash cam of the car pulling up to the fiery crash are four minutes apart! A car going 90 mph would travel the distance between Santa Monica Blvd. and Melrose in about 20 seconds. An anonymous witness said her husband was running down the stairs while calling 911, so, perhaps, 30 seconds after the crash. We cannot be sure because the LAPD has so far refused to release any information about the crash. That's less than a minute, and the LoudLabs cameraman shows up at the crash about a minute after the crash, so let's go a little further and say elapsed time between the car running the red light and the video of the car on fire is two and-a-half minutes. There's still about 90 seconds missing. What did Mr. Hastings do? Stop for a quick pee at the side of the road?

Why is this disinformation? In the mind of the casual news watcher or reader, it solidifies the idea that Michael Hastings was driving recklessly, with little regard for others on the street. That is one thing, while the other may be some type of plausible deniability. If we assume that LoudLabs is telling the truth about 4 minutes, then the two videos show two different cars. If they are lying about the time, then why? Disinformation is at work in both of those scenarios. With the recent release of a new video (see link below in 2nd update) showing a light colored car going by and then crashing and exploding at least twice in the distance we are met with yet more disinformation. The same anonymous witness said that she was awoken by a loud explosion that rattled her windows and her entire bedroom was bathed in light even though her drapes were closed. As we can see in the video, the second explosion is huge and very bright. This explosion covers the entirety of Highland Avenue!

It should also be apparent that the car seen in the new video is not going 90 mph, but slower, perhaps 50 to 60 mph, still fast, but with impact forces at a lesser degree. The video also shows that the brake lights are on, but the car does not slow down and there were no skid marks at the scene.

Of course, it couldn't be a bit more strange, could it not, that this article about terrorists hacking into your car's control came out the day before the crash? Yep. The evil terrorists can take over your car's control, stick down the accelerator and take over your steering. Even a study by the University of Washington warned of the dangers of the ever-computerized automobile. Also several witnesses described the car going off "like a bomb". People in their homes heard the loud explosion which shook their houses and rattled their windows. Which would then, also, perhaps, lead us to believe, could it not, that it is even more than a bit more strange, that the day after the accident, the FBI claimed that it did indeed fly drones over U.S. soil? Yep.


San Diego television channel 6 actually had a special investigative report on the crash. They tread lightly regarding a conspiracy, but the report (see video link below) includes three amazing pieces of information that has been ignored nationally.
1) The engine and drive train were found 150 to 250 feet behind, not in front, of the car!
2) Both LAPD and LAFD refused to comment on this story, although they did say they were told not to comment!
3) Mercedes says their cars "don't blow up".


First, a correction. According to this article, the engine and transmission were actually found in front of the car after all. I've confirmed this myself, however, it still doesn't explain how the engine and transmission flew at least 200 feet through the air when the car hit a tree.

Of far more import, the LA Weekly released a video supposedly taken from a surveillance camera in a nearby restaurant. If the video is a true representation, then it strengthens the questions that have been asked before. As the car zooms down the street, the brake lights are clearly on, but the car does not slow down. Remember, there were no skid marks.

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