Friday, September 22, 2017

Russian Hacking 'Story' Comes Full Circle Jerk

The government's Russian hacking story has taken on many permutations over the last several months, but one thing remains: it's the weakest fly paper roll ever created. As much as they throw the Russian flies at it, they never stick. First it was hacking, then it was collusion, then it was Trump, then Trump, Jr., then this and then that. As usual the MSM (Mainstream Media) have been compliant lap dogs, and, unfortunately, too many smart Americans believe it, permutations and all. "WikiLeaks be damned! I don't need to read that to know it's just more Russian meddling", they claim with pride. Oh, I forgot meddling on my list above. My bad. Anyway, the latest tear in the morphing hack story is that it was what we expected all along, a leak. The VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) organization's report is another in a long line of examinations showing that the DNC breach was a leak. An inside job.

There is, however, a little noticed side road to this whole sordid affair and as of today, it has come full circle -  a full circle jerk, as it were. This side road is the DHS CLAIMS RUSSIANS TRIED TO HACK SOME STATES' ELECTION DATABASES according to our never lyin' pals at DHS (Department of Homeland Security). As we shall see, this story was actually THE DHS TRIED TO HACK SOME STATES' ELECTION DATABASES! Today, the circle jerk was completed, apparently the government believes our collective memories are terribly short, and now DHS CLAIMS RUSSIANS TRIED TO HACK SOME STATES' ELECTION DATABASES has returned to claim it's rightful place upon the throne of shame!

Let's go back to the origin of this fanciful new tale, which was the old tale, which was debunked, shall we?

In the Summer of 2016 the government and MSM conspired to try to sell to the American people that the latest WikiLeaks e-mail dump and FBI document dump were the result of a Russian hack as opposed to an inside leak. This led to articles published about the DHS warning States to double-check their election databases. It should be noted at this time, that while voting machines themselves can not be hacked because they are not online, election databases are online and therefore can be subject to hack attacks. Then before you knew it (but you knew it was bound to happen), the DHS and the FBI, Comey's FBI, btw, was claiming through those ever ready unnamed sources, that some 20 States' election databases had been attacked by the evil Rooskies, but the attacks were thwarted!

(Fair Use image)

Yet, what the DHS was saying was not true, it was totally false. How do we know this? Because after the late September - early October, 2016 spate of articles faded from memory to be replaced by the overwhelming trauma of Trump actually winning the general election over Hillary Clinton, no one was talking about it anymore.

UNTIL...stories began to appear in early December that States had begun to report that their election databases had indeed suffered unsuccessful hack attacks by...DHS! Holy turn around, Batman! Soon, the Secretary of State of Georgia was joined by Secretaries from such States as Indiana, Virginia, Kentucky and Idaho. It is interesting, to say the least, that some of these States refused DHS "help" in strengthening the States' databases. Apparently, very strongly worded and rather stern letters were sent by these Secretaries to DHS. The DHS was eventually forced to respond by saying that the States asked them for help. Of course, the States say they did not ask for DHS help! Then, DHS said that it was one of those usual cut-and-paste Word program gobble-de-gook, just trust us will ya!?!

As before, the story sort of faded from memory while some other Russia Did It deflection stories were trotted out and some unpleasantness with Russia and silly sanctions and dangerousness with North Korea were at the top of the agenda. Headlines blared, hair was pulled and tens of millions of cases of the Backfire Effect raced across America. It wasn't and hasn't been pleasant.

Today, however, because why the fuck not (?) it would seem, the original DHS CLAIMS RUSSIANS TRIED TO HACK SOME STATES' ELECTION DATABASES, dressed up in new garb, was trotted out before the ever gullible public. What's interesting this time, is although 21 States were named, only 15 States have actually been publicly named at this time, and of those only Illinois and Virginia are mentioned (States among those that accused the DHS originally)! There have been local reports from KNBC Los Angeles that California is on the list. So far, the SOS of California has not responded to this reporter's entreaties to comment.

It's incredible that this entire circle jerk was attempted in the first place. What is not incredible, alas, is that the MSM and certain Secretaries of State and of course DHS, NSA, FBI, et al, are trying use this dead horse as a brand new rainbow colored pony for all to fawn over. They have done it before for other things, so why not use this again? The sad reality is that too many people will fall for this, when simple research easily shows what a complete circle jerk is this "side road" story.

Monday, July 10, 2017

We Should Be More Like Edith Bunker

This is a 40 year old two part episode of "All In The Family" broadcast in 1977 on CBS-TV. It addresses headlong our faith, our ability to accept people for who they are, and the devastating effects of tragedy that so often befalls our brothers and sisters. That part of society 40 years ago and so much more today, that insists on 'punishment' for sins that I believe, quite frankly, are bullshit. Since when should love ever be punished? Since when should who someone is be a subject of punishment? Questions that have been with us, our societies, for thousands of years. 40 years ago, we were given witness to something that had never been discussed before on TV, and within the confines of the typical American TV sit-com.

The character of Beverly LaSalle (played by Lori Shannon), had appeared twice before on show, starting in 1975! I must say, that this "All In The Family" TV show gave me a foundation to work from that had not really existed in my life before. These preconceived notions of race, gender, politics, draft dodgers, Viet Nam vets, inflation and yes, even Watergate, were changed in me because of this show. Maybe I was lucky in that these strong foundation bricks to my character, as it were, were laid at such a young age. I mean that, not only as a person, but also as an artist.

Perhaps some of you, who know me as a rather outspoken non-believer in monotheism, and the horrors of such beliefs, I think, have been inflicted upon the world, would be surprised by my recommending these episodes. It's all about Edith, that's why. It doesn't matter if you accept Edith's faith in God, you can understand, that throughout the entire series, Edith accepted ALL. No one was denied entry into not only her home, but, more importantly, her heart. These episodes show that to a spectacular degree.

I am not imploring you to watch these two episodes. I am not even asking you to watch them. I am demanding you to watch them. If there is to be any real progressive change in our world, a real end to our hostilities, this journey must begin in ALL of us, to strive to be more like Edith Bunker.

Peace. And I love you all.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Portland Knife Killer Was Apparently Bernie And Trump Supporter

In a not unlikely turn of events, the Portland man who stabbed to death two men and injured another on a MAX train last Friday, portrayed himself on social media as both a Bernie supporter and a Trump supporter. Twitter people were lighting up their accounts with posts of screenshots of the knife-wielding killer on Facebook. Mostly, they had an agenda by pointing out the killer posted pro-Bernie comments and such. However, they are wrong, as are the media.

The killer, er, suspect, has a long history in Portland of causing trouble at not only pro-Trump rallies but also pro-Bernie/democracy rallies. He was well-known to police. The media is playing up his posts on social media about pro-Nazi this and pro-Trump that while completely ignoring his pro-Bernie sympathizes. He also has an extensive criminal history, again known to the police. Here is a screenshot of a post showing one of the suspect's, er, killer's, pro-Bernie militant rants.

Seems a bit unhinged, doncha think? Especially compared to another post of the killer's which is certainly not pro-Trump as well. In fact, it is downright scary.

What is going here? In my long history as a Progressive in Portland, the police have been known to infiltrate groups, some to which I belonged to at the time, and to also illegally surveille said groups and to also send agent provocateurs to rallies to disrupt them with outrageous and media sexy antics. It appears to me, that this knife killer was likely such an agent. Both pro-Bernie and pro-Trump rally organizers complained to police about this man and they say nothing was done about him. Why would the police do so, if he was on their payroll? Just a question to ponder.

In the above post, the killer's rantings make the Cascadia and State Of Jefferson movements look bad, too. That's a classic psy-op tactic: guilt by association. It makes no sense on the surface given the brutal nature of this person's crimes. But, as far as you know, the killer was a wild-eyed Trump supporter and for some of you that's just peaches and cream. Any other narrative is simply going to be ignored by you otherwise, of course, your head might literally explode in a JFK kinda way.

The end result was tragic. Two men dead and another one injured. The killer spewed racial hatred at two women on the MAX train. Three men decided to call him on his bigotry and the killer reacted by pulling a knife.
It is a sad truth that in the headlong rush to achieve an agenda, deaths occur. Families suffer. Fear is stoked. Truth is buried.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

JAMES DEAN - Complete Film & TV Work

I went looking for a comprehensive list of all of James Dean's television and film work and couldn't find such a list. If you can't find it, create it, right? No list of television work can be truly complete because several of Dean's live television shows are lost. Back in the early 1950's, television was not only voracious for talent to create weekly shows, the networks were notorious for treating finished shows as a throwaways. Live shows were filmed via the kinescope process so the program could be shipped to the West Coast for viewing. Sadly, a lot of those programs have been lost to time.

(Dean menacing Ronald Reagan with a gun from The General Electric Theatre episode, "The Dark, Dark Hours", 1954. Original image CBS-TV, reprinted under Fair Use)

(As the aged Jett Rink from "Giant", 1956, his last film. Image copyright Warner Bros. reprinted under Fair Use)

Not all of Dean's TV shows were live, those that were filmed are so noted. Where applicable, or at least allowed, links are provided to view the works online. Noteworthy points of some shows or movies are noted. There is controversy surrounding whether or not Dean did indeed appear, uncredited as a Copyboy, in the Humphrey Bogart film, "Deadline, USA" (1952). Also, some live TV shows incorporated filmed scenes which were used mostly for transition purposes.


James Dean's first paid gig. He was 19 and a student at UCLA.

FAMILY THEATER: “Hill Number One” as John - 3/25/51 (film)
Dean's first job in TV. He's not very good.

THE BIGELOW THEATRE: “T.K.O.” as Hank – 10/29/51 (film)
TROUBLE WITH FATHER: “Jackie Knows All” as Randy - ABC – 12/7/51 (film)
With Martin Milner.

CBS TELEVISION WORKSHOP: “Into The Valley” as GI – CBS – 1/27/52

STUDIO ONE IN HOLLYWOOD: “Ten Thousand Horses Singing” as Hotel Bellboy [uncredited] – CBS - 3/3/52
Apparently, Dean's first live TV New York gig. This clip says it all.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

TO MOVE FORWARD Trump Protests Need To Stop Giving A Platform To Haters, Murderers & Abusers

The Women's March On DC and throughout the country on January 21st, 2017 was a huge success. Estimates of up to 4 million people marched in various cities and towns to protest against the most egregious Trump Administration policies and promised practices. Like the Bernie Sanders' huge rallies and movement of last year, for this important work to move forward, these events and protests need to stop giving a platform to hateful people, murderers and sexual abusers. Ironically, people who epitomize exactly what most are protesting against.

Not that these recent People's movements are harbingers of allowing such people platforms, for these variety of leeches have plagued modern movements for decades. Organizer's ignorance about them can only account for a fraction of the time they secure on a platform. Too often, their pasts/presents apparently are simply ignored for whatever reasons. Here are three examples of people who need to have their access to platforms at protests and events against the Trump Administration removed.

(Protesters in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, January 21st, 2017 - Fair Use)

Micah Rhodes, a co-leader of Portland's (Oregon) Resistance, was recently accused of sexually abusing a teen boy and girl. What makes this more astounding was that even though he was a co-leader at numerous marches and rallies, he had previous sexual assault history and is a registered sex offender. The linked article explains why this history was likely unknown due to the conviction happening in juvenile court.

Donna Hylton, a featured speaker at the Women's March In DC, is a convicted felon who took part in the kidnapping, torturing, sodomizing and murder of an old man. Yes, you should probably read that again, slowly. She asked for a large ransom, even though her and her co-felons had already killed the man, Thomas Vigliarole. This information comes from an article in Psychology Today published in July, 1995. Hylton was sentenced to 25 years in 1985. Today, she is apparently a professional victim...

(Donna Hylton at the Women's March in DC. Photo by Getty Images under Fair Use)

Linda Sarsour, a well-known activist and also a well-known spew spout of hatred, was a co-chair of the Women's March On DC! This so-called supporter of women's rights actually attacked via Twitter, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, activist, author and survivor of female genital mutilation. Here is her 2011 quote. Horrible.

Needless to say, people like the ones described and exposed above, should not be allowed a platform at any rallies, protests or marches. Their mere presence not only seriously undermines the movement's goals but gives easy fodder for Republican and right-wing detractors and Trump Administration apologists.