Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Yes, loyal readers, it is time to bump this bad boy up to the top! Another donation drive for Random Thoughts Of A Random Guy From A Random Place Up In The Sky! no donation button this time around, please use the handy link for donations:


Why a donation drive you may ask? Your humble scribe needs a little breathing room as he continues not only his writing but also his acting pursuits. This breathing room involves a rather unexpectedly large power bill (due soon) and other incidentals that can keep this page (and myself) going. Please continue to read the eclectic material available on this blog post and check out the easy to access pages located right below the wonderfully odd title of this site.

The goal is a mere $400 and when it is met, watch the donations link magically disappear. Thanks everybody!

Now a video with Joe!

(photo credit: Tammy Harrel-Fraley)



Rod Harrel said...

UPDATE 9/21/13:

In less than 48 hours, we have reached nearly 15% of the donation goal!
Please continue to share with your friends or make a donation yourself! There are plenty of new articles to come down the pike this fall!
Thanks again!

Rod Harrel said...

Greetings all!
It's your Random Guy and I'm pleased to announce we're 29% toward the donation goal. Thanks everybody!