Monday, December 17, 2012

Dead Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Interviewed By Local Paper About Shooting

A most disturbing find.

In its first article about the shooting at Sandy Hook School on December 14th, 2012, the local paper, The Newtown Bee, included an interview with the school principal, Dawn Hochsprung. The problem is that Dawn Hochsprung was reported as shot to death during the attack! How was the newspaper able to interview someone who was supposed to be dead? The original article is here, and in case it gets scrubbed, it is reprinted below in full with the relevant passage in bold. (UPDATE: the article was scrubbed this morning 12/17/12, but some of the paragraphs are now contained in article under the headline: "Gunman Opens Fire At Sandy Hook Schools; Fatality Reported") Following the reproduced article below is a screen capture.

State and Newtown police, ambulance, and emergency response personnel responded to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shortly after 9:30 am, Friday, following reports of a shooting. One child was carried from the school by a police officer, apparently seriously wounded. Other injuries are reported, and emergency personnel have set up triage facilities. Three victims were transported to Danbury Hospital by ambulance. The other children in the school exited school under state police protection.
Police are in the process of setting up a staging area for parents coming to the scene that is away from the school, possibly at Fairfield Hills, to alleviate the traffic congestion in the immediate area.
Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told The Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows [sic] – more than she could count – that went "on and on."All of Newtown's schools are in lockdown, and the private schools have in town have been notified of an alleged shooting being reported at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Superintendent of Schools Janet Robinson said the schools were placed on lockdown the morning of Friday, December 14, "until we hear what is going on there."
Dr Robinson said it is best if parents do not try to call the district at this time, and the school district will release a message once further information is known.
The situation is evolving.

(Photo source: KDVR)

In another article on the newspaper's website under the headline, "Stories Of Heroism Emerging From School Shooting Tragedy", is what has become the official narrative of her death.

"But none were more tragic than the accounts of Principal Dawn Hochsprung, who was emerging from a meeting and apparently saw the gunman and warned several colleagues who were about to step into the hallway behind her, and into the shooter's direct line of fire. The last thing one witness recalled was her turning back and yelling a warning to lock the door as she apparently confronted the gunman. A few moments later she was shot."

This disturbing find is completely irreconcilable with the official narrative of the shooting spree. According to the newspaper, the reporter interviewed the Principal in person. Also, Ms. Hochsprung's statement to the newspaper included many specifics of the shooting and she was quoted as saying the shooting went "on and on". How is this even possible? She's suppose to be dead! And after appearing on the newspaper's website for 3 days, the article has now been scrubbed!

Unfortunately, this shooting event isn't only about opening a dialogue on gun control. Something is just not right here.

If you go to the newspaper's link (see above), there is now an article entitled: "Retraction & Apology". This raises more questions. Who was the woman that identified herself to the reporter as the Principal? How did she know so many details? Why isn't this woman being investigated? And, of all the people for this woman to impersonate, why would it be the Principal, who had not yet been identified as being shot? What else would one expect the newspaper to say?

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