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ROBERT F. KENNEDY - The Most Obvious Conspiracy

(A mortally wounded Senator Robert F. Kennedy asks if "everyone else is alright?". Photo through Fair Use.)

After midnight on June 5th, 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who had just won the California Democratic Primary, was walking through the kitchen pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, having just gave a victory speech, when he was felled by assassin's bullets. The official narrative of this assassination is fairly cut and dried. Sirhan Sirhan, an apparently disgruntled 24 year old Palestinian Arab, emptied his .22-caliber revolver from in front the approaching Kennedy and was still firing as he was tackled by onlookers. There was a trial, Sirhan's defense team stipulated to his guilt and he has spent the last 45 years in jail. Below is a video of RFK's press secretary, Frank Mankiewicz, announcing the Senator's death.

This New York Times article from June 6th, 1968, pretty much sums up the Mainstream Media (MSM) official version of events with a remarkable lack of contradictions for early reporting. So, how is the assassination of RFK the obvious conspiracy? Because the eyewitnesses and the autopsy report totally contradict the official version. It's not even close.

Many have argued that eyewitness testimony can be unreliable but the autopsy report in and of itself shows there was conspiracy. Recall that the official version has Sirhan standing in front of Kennedy, however the autopsy report indicates all the wounds to RFK were from behind and at point blank range. Kennedy was hit by three bullets with a fourth one passing through his jacket without causing injury. All the bullet injuries were from the back in a right to left direction with a trajectory upward of 70 degrees. The fatal head wound was fired from a distance of only one-and-a-half inches away! Impossible for the accused assassin to accomplished even if RFK had obligingly turned his back to him. Sirhan would have practically been lying on the floor behind Kennedy to produce such wounds.

The autopsy report is not a secret but in no way has it changed the official version of events, for to do so, would be to admit there were others involved. The eyewitness testimony is fairly conclusive in showing there were more people involved in the assassination that were never apprehended. Probably the most infamous suspects were the girl in the polka dot dress and her companion. Three people reported them leaving the Ambassador Hotel proclaiming, "We shot him! We shot him!". LAPD officer Paul Sharaga was convinced enough by these witnesses testimony that he put out an All Points Bulletin on the couple.
"...description of a suspect in the shooting at 3400 Wilshire Boulevard, male Caucasian, 20 to 22, 6' to 6’2", built thin—blond curly hair, wearing brown pants and a light brown shirt, direction taken unknown at this time...
Prior to the shooting, suspect observed with a female cauc., 23/27, 5-6, wearing a white viole dress, ? inch sleeves, with small black polka dots, dark shoes, bouffant type hair. This female not identified or in custody..."
It should come as no surprise that this APB was later cancelled by the higher ups at LAPD. Below is a partial list of eyewitnesses who described more than one shooter or more than one gun.

"The guy with the gun could have left. No one seemed to pay any attention." – Darnell Johnson to LAPD, 7/24/68.
"My God, he had a gun and we let him go by." – Joseph Klein, referring to a man leaving the pantry in a hurry while Sirhan was being subdued, to LAPD, 7/3/68.
"We had reports from two of the eyewitnesses that there were two assailants involved." – Larry Scheer, KTLA live broadcast footage from 6/5/68

"I saw the 2nd gunman...who had been in the pantry with Sirhan during the speech pointing a gun in an upward angle at the Senator." - Evan Phillip Freed

After 45 years, it would behoove us as a so-called nation of laws to finally investigate the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. His murder, the most obvious conspiracy.

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John White said...

Another excellent post which gets right to the heart of the matter...the autopsy report does not match the official story. Isn't it odd that the 3 assassinations (JFK, RFK & MLK) all were officially blamed on a lone nut. There is a common link to these 3 victims, all were speaking out strongly for WORLD PEACE and supported civil rights. Both RFK & MLK came out AGAINST the Vietnam War & JFK may well have pulled out of Vietnam in a 2nd term.