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Mass Manipulation - Too Many Gunmen At The Sandy Hook Shooting

At this point, to question any part of the official story of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th, 2012, could be prosecuted as a crime. That's how far it has come since last summer's shooting at the Aurora, CO movie theater. These reactions are to be expected because they are one of the many byproducts of mass manipulation. Questioning equals conspiracy theory and questioners are conspiracy theorists. Or the wearer of tin foil hats. But, in this case, those accused of wearing such hats are at risk of a televised attack by Anderson Cooper or criminal prosecution by the authorities.
(aerial photo of Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th, 2012)
With this study, I would like to move past this knee-jerk equation of what defines questioning of any official story. I am not proposing a conspiracy theory. My main purpose is to ask questions of the simplistic official story of a very complex case. Specifically, like the Aurora shooting and the Sikh Temple shooting, Sandy Hook also had early reports of gunmen which eventually disappeared without any more mention in the Mainstream Media (MSM).

The Aurora shootings had both eyewitnesses to more than one gunman and/or accomplice and police scanner audio recordings featuring descriptions of two extra suspects. The Sikh Temple shooting had a few eyewitness accounts of more than one gunman, but no chatter about them on the police scanner. The Sandy Hook shooting not only had eyewitness reports and police scanner audio of more than one gunman, it also had police helicopter video footage that was telecast on national television of the police chasing and arresting one of the gunman in the trees next to the school!

That helicopter video is what sets the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary apart from the recent false flag shootings. The eyewitness descriptions of more than one gunman at both Aurora and the Sikh Temple could be dismissed as "hysteria" or the "fog of war". Heck, I'm sure some people could also explain away the police scanner audio descriptions of extra gunmen at the Aurora shooting, too. Although I'm not sure how.

Sandy Hook, however, has eyewitness descriptions and police scanner recordings bolstered by images of a gunman being chased by police in the trees next to the school and apprehended. But to politicians and the MSM, that kind of evidence does not matter - for these two extra suspects/gunmen have been conveniently scrubbed from the official story of the event. Or should I say, the continually changing official story of events. Focusing only on these two extra suspects/gunmen, let us look at how things went down that horrible day.

First, the descriptions of more than one suspect/gunmen from the police scanner audio recordings. Here are the relevant passages:
- "I have reports that a teacher saw two shadows running past the building, past the gym..."
- "Yeah, we got 'em. (pause) They're coming at me down [inaudible]! (pause) Coming up the driveway, left side!"
- "I've got him proned out."
- "Last known shots were in the front of the school. Maybe the roof."
- "Can't confirm from the school to the party in custody."
- "Be advised. We do have multiple weapons. Including long rifles and shotguns..."

Second, below is the helicopter video of the police chasing and arresting a second suspect/shooter in the trees next to Sandy Hook School.

The man in the video below describes the suspect that the police had taken from the trees next to the school.

Now what is interesting about this suspect/shooter is how the story of who he actually was, or was supposed to be, changed in the official story. Lastly, is an interview with a Sandy Hook student describing the second suspect/gunman. This suspect/gunman is most likely the person mentioned in the above police recordings as "proned out".

Here in graphic detail are the arrests of two suspects/gunmen who eventually vanished from the official story. Well, not entirely. Initial reports broadcast by the MSM had a gunman dead in the school and another gunman on the loose. Since the officer in the above recordings had arrested one of the men running toward him, it is logical to assume that the "gunman on the loose" is the one seen being chased through the trees by the police. The suspect/gunman proned out in front of the school as seen by children actually has a background thanks to the official story. This man has often been misidentified by many authors on the internet as the man chased by police in the trees.

He was identified the very day of the shooting as reported in the Los Angeles Times, as Chris Manfredonia. His story, however unlikely, has him running around the building trying to find his daughter after hearing shots and, of all things, smelling sulfur. The story states that he was handcuffed by police, although the reactions by the officer on the audio recordings hardly seem to involve arresting a concerned parent. Recall at one point the police officer reports he "can't confirm from the school to the party in custody" even though Manfredonia did have a daughter attending that school.

The man arrested in the trees next to the school has much less personal information released likely due to the dramatic helicopter footage of his arrest. At first Connecticut State Police said the man was just a guy chopping wood. Then when that apparently did not fly, the local newspaper, The Newtown Bee, quoting law enforcement sources, shed the light that he was indeed a gunman. At the end of an article mainly about the police union seeking funding for trauma treatment came the last known information about a second gunman:
"A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source."

This would seem to be damning evidence of at least one other gunman at the scene of the shooting and not an axe wielding woodsman. But, things did take a turn for surreal that day as police scanner audio recordings mentioned even more suspects/gunmen! "Two suspects with possible ski masks...One may be wearing a nun outfit, headed toward Danbury and Stoney Hill, purple van". Of course, these additional "suspects" and their unusual garb have disappeared from the official story.

There are some very serious questions arising from these reports. Who exactly were these men placed under arrest minutes after the shooting? What was an armed off-duty tactical police officer from another town doing at the scene of the crime? Why was he released with no further information pending? Why did a teacher report seeing "two shadows" running if there was only one gunman? Who were the masked men and another dressed as a nun? There is, of course, one thing that officials and the MSM can do: answer these questions! But, alas, they remain silent and in an odd circumstance considering this is America officials have threatened criminal prosecution to those asking questions. This has allowed what may be unwarranted speculation and rumor to flourish on the internet. Perhaps that is the intent; for it may not be about gun control, but mind control - mass manipulation.

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