Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seth MacFarlane's Mendacious 9/11 Story

What possible reason would Seth MacFarlane have to obfuscate the truth concerning his story about missing Flight 11 on September 11th, 2001? The true reason is just as valid, but it doesn't really possess any of the suspense, drama and comedy of his story.

According to Mr. MacFarlane, of Family Guy and American Dad fame, he had partied hard the night before and was very hungover when he woke the next morning, September 11th. But, he left to make his flight anyway which, unbeknown to him, his travel agent had accidentally printed as departing at 8:15am. American Airlines Flight 11 was scheduled for a 7:45am departure! Oh, the suspense! Flight 11 actually was nearly fifteen minutes late with it's departure, but MacFarlane had "missed it by 10 minutes or so..."! Whew! While waiting in the airport for his next flight he heard about the tragic events unfolding in New York City and Washington, DC. "Yes, alcohol saves lives", he went on to say.

Well, not quite.

Records from the 9/11 Commission show that Seth MacFarlane canceled his flight at 6:34am, over an hour before the scheduled departure and nearly an hour and three-quarters before departure time given to him by his travel agent (see below).

So, why rush, very hungover, to the airport to miss Flight 11 by "ten minutes", if the ticket had been canceled at 6:34am? Why the mendacity in the first place? Why not just say, "I was too hungover to make the flight and decided to cancel and catch a later flight after sleeping it off"? Because being hungover and simply deciding to call the airline and cancel is not as good a story.

This story, of course, has done nothing to deter from MacFarlane's success and in fact he has inserted gags about 9/11 into several episodes of his shows or his movie. Sometimes the press hasn't been ideal, but in no way has this derailed his career, more than likely because he has cred for missing the doom flight by ten minutes, instead of just sleeping one off.

Or maybe we just can't trust anything printed in the 9/11 Commission report.


Lisa A said...

I am not sure where you get your facts of him cancelling his flight, but I was his travel agent at the time and I was the one that told him the wrong time of the flight(only mistake I made in my 7 years on the job). I can tell you that he was extremely thankful for my mistake and for his life that day.

Rod Harrel said...

I got my facts from the 9/11 Report; a copy of the cancelation is within the article.

Anonymous said...

I would be more interested in seeing Lisa A's credentials and proving her facts as I believe Sir Rod does thorough research...ROD HARREL is shining a light in dark places.

Anonymous said...

Does Seth still have the plane ticket? No pic of it has ever appeared in the press, has it?

Rod Harrel said...

Since he cancelled his reservation for that flight he wouldn't have a ticket. He would, however, have a ticket for the flight he eventual took that day.

Anonymous said...

So, civilian air traffic resumed that day?

Rod Harrel said...

Civilian air traffic was banned later that day; for three days.