Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am beginning to wonder if people and some of my friends on Facebook have lost the ability to conduct a simple google search. The current example comes in the form of: "Media Blackout of Wall Street Protests" and the like. It appears all one has to do after posting such a provocative headline is to link to sites like Al-Jazeera or any so-called left-wing blog or whatever and PRESTO, instant (and in this case needless) controversy about the evil MSM.
And this image comes to us from the decidedly MSM outlet CNBC.

Yet, that simple google search mentioned above yields results such as these:

Now, Disney owned ABC, the Associated Press or The Atlantic are about as mainstream as one can hope to achieve. Looking at the links appearing on Facebook, most seem to trace back to a fellow named Jeff Prager. Another simple google search and surprise (!), he is what legitimate researchers into 9/11 call a disinformation artist. Besides spewing out the Israel was behind 9/11 disinformation (which obfuscates U.S. government involvement), he also spews out disinformation that the Twin Towers were felled by thermonuclear explosions! He is a classic one, in fact, who now is intent, it would appear, to obfuscate the Wall Street protests.

By posting such inflammatory titles like "Media Blackout of Wall Street Protests", he (and others like him) cause people to waste energy and emotion on non-existent problems while ignoring real ones, such as, oh, the Obama administration's escalation of the evil war machine or practical ownership by Wall Street. However, that may cause some otherwise open-minded leftists to have to examine what an evil fuck their hero Obama is; but, I digress.

I plead with my friends not to be so gullible and knee-jerk and really look into the stuff on that spoon with which you are being fed.

A photo has started making the rounds on facebook purporting to show an aerial view of "huge" crowds at Occupy Wall Street. Tim Parkinson does a great job of discrediting this phony photo; check out the link here.

ALSO: Occupy Wall Street is now associating itself with MoveOn. Check out this very interesting article.

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