Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Disinformation comes in all forms and from a variety of sources. Lately, folks on the interweb seem to be getting a bit of kick out of the proclamation that John Lennon was a conservative. Yes, the man President Nixon and his cabal tried so mightily to deport, was actually a dyed in the wool Republican! But it is disinformation, which in this case also doubles as a synonym for outright lies.
Iconic photo of John Lennon by Bob Gruen.
Real god fearing Republicans, who still haven't forgave or never bothered to research Lennon's statement about The Beatles being bigger than Jesus Christ, were able to squeal merrily that Lennon was a closet conservative.

This latest bit of disinformation arrives to us mostly from sources which were simply plugs for Fred Seaman's new book about Lennon. Seaman was once a personal aide to Lennon, yet set about shortly before the assassination to destroy Yoko Ono's credibility and claim sole heir to Lennon's legacy. The assassination of Lennon only added fuel to this fire as Seaman and his co-conspirators moved along what they called, "Project Walrus". This involved, among other items, the theft of Lennon's personal diaries from 1975 until the day he was assassinated. An excellent article by David and Victoria Sheff that appeared in the March, 1984 Playboy detailed the heinous lengths Project Walrus was willing to go. People magazine also detailed Seaman's activities as well as a chapter from Alex Constantine's "The Covert War Against Rock". Project Walrus eventually fell apart after Seaman excluded a co-conspirator and then ransacked his apartment of all the Lennon material he had stolen. Before you could say goo-goo-ga-joob, the cops moved in on Seaman and his gang and he was arrested. He was also sued by Yoko Ono, which you can read here.

So, thanks to a publication like the Toronto Sun, the discredited Seaman gets to spew his lies which now fly around the interweb to be used by gullible posters. John Lennon was no closet conservative, he was murdered for his liberal and progressive ideas which were dangerous to the United States Government.

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