Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As shown in a previous post, the Wall Street occupation news blackout is pure disinformation. Here are some MSM news blackouts that are real (and some of these point up that, yes indeed, the shadow government CAN keep a conspiracy secret).

1) the JFK assassination - Oswald still did it all by his lonesome - a cover-up still going strong for nearly 50 years!
2) the MLK assassination - brought to you by lone nut James Earl Ray - a cover-up going strong for over 40 years!
3) the RFK assassination - greetings from a lone nut whose bullets travel like a boomerang - another cover-up going strong for over 40 years!
4) the WATERGATE story - just a burglary here folks, nothing to see, move along - a cover-up going strong since 1972!
5) the OCTOBER SURPRISE 1980 election - the MSM definitely won't speak of this story - a cover-up now over 30 years old!
6) the assassination of JOHN LENNON - another lone nut using a five shot revolver that actually fires eight shots - a 30 year old cover-up!
7) the IRAN/CONTRA affair - we never did, we did, we never did - here's a cover-up now over 25 years old!
8) the BCCI scandal - remember this? Of course you don't, it's blacked out - another cover-up over 25 years old!
9) the suicide of VINCE FOSTER - people often kill themselves and then move their bodies somewhere else - a cover-up almost 20 years old!
10) the plane crash that killed RON BROWN - it's the economy stupid, don't mess with it - now going on 15 years!
11) the plane crash that killed PAUL WELLSTONE - a dead candidate can't talk - a cover-up over 10 years old!
12) stolen 2000 election - only banana republics have rigged elections - another cover-up over 10 years old!
13) 9/11 - box cutters make formidable weapons (see also: Osama bin Laden, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, etc.) - a 10 year old cover-up!
14) the stolen 2004 election - oh SHUT UP  about rigged elections in the U.S. - still covered-up after all these years!

Not a comprehensive list, to be sure, but I think you get the idea.

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KJ McElrath said...

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you...