Thursday, September 22, 2011


You know things have taken a turn toward the surreal when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's annual speech before the United Nations General Assembly is beginning to make some sense. Oh, certainly he resolutely refuses to examine his own country with such a microscope and continues his obvious anti-Semitism, but that's what makes it surreal. I mean that's the way it is: he speaks of some truth but is vilified because, well, the United States describes him as a "madman".
Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images
And the "madman" undermines legitimate research by co-opting ideas from others (I'm talking to you, too, Ron & Rand Paul) for his own country's agenda. In religious tone, his speech is not all that different from many given by George W. Bush or his recent heir apparent, Rick Perry. Yet, when viewing certain world affairs, his assertions defy the rhetorical questions.

So, toward the surreal we shall go as we examine three points that Ahmadinejad brought up (again) during his speech. Like the United States and its allies, you may choose to walk out at any time. Yes, the United States did support Saddam Hussein in the eight year war with Iran and did give him weapons of mass destruction. Hussein was a tool of United States/CIA right up until he was killed. Yes, our economy relies on waging wars (real and proxy) and selling arms, no two ways
Donald Rumsfeld shakes hands with Saddam Hussein in 1983.
around that, folks. And, finally, yes, September 11th was mysterious indeed and because of the lies of weapons of mass destruction and Hussein behind the attacks and Osama bin Laden behind the attacks, wars are still being fought in two countries. My views of the "mysterious" nature of 9/11 can be found here and here and here.
Hey, if lying in front of the United Nations was good enough for Colin Powell, then it's all right for Ahmadinejad, even if he threw in a few grains of truth, which his lying was meant to cover over anyway. For Ahmadinejad is a tool of United States/CIA just as surely as those tools mentioned above.


KJ McElrath said...

Back in the day, I did a political cartoon of George HW Bush as Dr. Frankenstein and Saddam Hussein as the Monster.

The caption: "It's ALIVE!! It's ALIIIIVE...!!"

They didn't publish it.

Bill Burge said...

You're absolutely right on this one. Probably the number one reason we don't attack Iran is because we need Ahmadinejad. Imagine the deflation if arms sales if we had a quick win.