Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rod's Top Ten Blog Posts For 2011

The author contemplates a glass half full! (Photo credit: Tammy Harrel-Fraley)
And so we scamper toward another end of the year. If there's something more Americans like at the end of the year than reading lists, it is creating lists. Although I only started blogging last July, here are the top ten blog posts from Random Thoughts Of A Random Guy From A Random Place Up In The Sky for 2011:

"Obama: Extra Judicial Mass Murderer" was by far the most popular blog in terms of page views. I'm pleased as I feel it is one of my best works.

"JFK CONSPIRACY-The Proof Is In The Warren Report" was one of two postings concerning the 48th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

"The Strange And Deadly Journey Of Navy Seal Team 6" while placing third was certainly first in the amount of comments it generated. It is one of my best on-the-spot postings.

"In Short, A Stark Raving Theatre Brief" is my theatre memoir about the halcyon days of Stark Raving Theatre. Informative and historical, as they say.

"Presidents Who Owned People" was my personal favorite. Pictures and history! I got the idea after reading a well researched article about our Presidents.

"Wall Street Protests News Blackout Disinformation" was one of those "I can't believe people are falling for this" postings. The interweb was abuzz with how MSM was blacking out the Occupy protests, which was completely untrue. So, this was my most informative essay toppling nasty rumors.

"Why I Won't Vote For Barack Obama Again" now here's a posting that will be used for the next 11 months!

"What If There Was A Book About You And You Didn't Know It?" oh, by far the most surprising thing to have found on the interweb. Yes, Big Brother is watching you and he wants to make a few bucks off of you, too.

"Random Thoughts..." is the only fiction posting to have made the list (which tears a little bit at the original writer in me).

"Shooting On A Shoestring Budget, Part 2" was part of a series of postings I wrote regarding the shooting of that fabulous new short film, "Our Neighbors"!

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