Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The latest Orthicon Ghost Production, "Our Neighbors" has wrapped. 160 minutes of raw footage that is now, as we read/write, being edited into a chilling, thrilling and humorous 25 minute short film. How is possible to have shot so much footage in only three days? Planning. Planning. Planning.
All photos by Tammy Harrel-Fraley. In this photo (left to right): Johnny Winningham, Adrienne Vogel, Rod Harrel, Dave Hudkins, Dave Paull.
When you are working with a shredded shoestring budget planning is the only way to go. There's also a few other things you can do: food and drink. It's amazing how actors and crew respond to your crazy ideas if they are well fed and hydrated. But, of course, there are moments where the director wants to pull out his hair...if he had any.
The life of a director (Dave Hudkins in the bkg.).
Did I mention the weather? Day one saw us working in 90 degree heat. Day two saw us working in 90 degree heat. But then, on our last day of shooting, there were clouds and a temperature of mere 70 degrees. Ahhh. Fear not not, intrepid readers, once "Our Neighbors" is ready to rock, you will find a link and be able to watch it on your own! And preferably on a dark and stormy night.
"Our Neighbors" stars Joey LeBard, Adrienne Vogel, Johnny Winningham, Rod Harrel and Dave Paull.
From left to right: Jeff Ryerson, Adrienne Vogel, Dave Hudkins, Rod Harrel - and behind Mr. Harrel is Johnny Winningham and Joey LeBard.
Johnny Winningham and Adrienne Vogel.

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KJ McElrath said...

Looking forward to it. Let me know if you want some scoring done...I seem to have a bit of extra time these days.