Sunday, March 11, 2012

Attention Whores - What???

WARNING: strong language herein

All those Native American movie characters played by white men? You remember! Seems like such a perfectly OK idea that in the 21st century it's damn well time to cast a white guy as Tonto in the upcoming film of the Lone Ranger! But not just any white guy, but the richest most popular white guy in the form of Johnny Depp. Sure, sure, makes perfect goddam sense to me! I mean it's not like there are any actual Native American actors out there! Don't forget!
And please remember that Depp has somehow got it in his head that he can correct the horrible portrayals over the years of Native having another white guy portray a Native American! Wheeeee!!!

Kony 2012!
Man, where the hell were you SoCal youngsters say, oh, EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO?

Tre Arrow. The thorn in Portland's side. You remember? Arrow perched himself on a ledge many years ago to protest some environmental cause. Then he was sent to jail for many years for something the Feds made a new name for: eco-terrorism. Now he's out and back in Portland and running for mayor! Wait? What did I forget? Right, he climbs up a tree and for apparently three hours yells, "Portland! I am Tre......Arrow! Are you willing to love and protect your earth mother?" Over and over; lest we forget. One would probably not have the guy living in the neighborhood let alone be the mayor.
Portland's future mayor?


K.J. McElrath said...

Johnny Depp may in fact be part Indian (I worked on the rez, and can tell you with authority that "Indian" is what Native Americans prefer to call themselves - believe it or not).

Officially, if you have one great-grandparent who is Indian (so, one-sixteenth), you can claim membership in the associated First Nation. (I knew a fair number of Yakamas who had sandy hair and blue or green eyes.)

That said, I wonder why he wouldn't say something about it or anything else about the way indigenous peoples have been treated by the U.S. government (as well as the Mexican, Canadian, Argentine, Brazilian and just about every other post-colonial Euro-centric government in the Western Hemisphere).

At least the late Marlon Brando was a strong advocate for Indian rights.

Anonymous said...

I know a chick that was banging Tre as recently as last year (likely last week) and he is a major deuchbag. He treats her like shit in public and is a rude person- this is what I heard and did not witness... a good friend double dated with them and gave me the report. That's my only real gripe about him as I have never met him and tend to not believe anything the media reports about him. Good luck in your mayoral run!

Rod Harrel said...

Very well then, Depp should not speculate whether or not he is part Indian. Because of stories he heard from his family? Well, I've heard stories from my family (also from Kentucky) that I may part Indian. Therefore, so the fuck what? Speculation is not fact, and that was my point with him.
Also, I grew up in Yakima, and my neighbors were of what tribe, I cannot remember, but they had their grandkids over every summer who were my age and we played a lot of kid games. I remember the Grandpa liked to show off what to were my 8 year old eyes some pretty neat things, which I realize now were head dresses.
And, Depp apparently dismisses fine work by actors (including Jay Silverheels) who were Indians.

Rod Harrel said...

I can not speculate on your comment. I do know if I were to climb up a tree, I would only shout the question regarding mother earth and not announce my name over and over and over again.

George Tekei said...

Interesting that the Tre man was nearly arrested for domestic abuse likely with the same chick mentioned above here is a link to the story in the Oregonian I posted anonymously before but now must reveal that I am indeed George Tekei. I have been following Tre's career since I was informed by a frantic late-night call from a Mr. William Shatner that our friend Tre was indeed an alien plant put on earth to help bring about a machine revolution- indeed their slogan is "All watched over by machines of love and grace". Tre Arrow must NOT become I repeat NOT become mayor to preserve the true green timeline as proposed by...Shatner.