Friday, March 30, 2012

WAKE UP!!! Facebook Censorship!!!

Tonight, dear readers, I attempted to post a photo with a comment on Facebook. It was a satirical jab at a recent promotion within the Portland Police Department. You see, recently, the Portland Police Department tapped Mark Kruger, a captain within the department, to provide leadership training. Yawn, you may say, but not until you know that in 2010 he was suspended because he posed in pictures wearing Nazi uniforms and such. Now, two years later, he is part of leadership training!

So, what happened with the posting? I decided to post a picture of a Nazi march (see below), with a caption that read: "Ladies & Gentlemen: Your Portland Police Department". When I hit the post button, I was immediately taken to a page that said unless I removed the offending picture (for violating Facebook's policy against promoting violent organizations) my account would be terminated!
Original caption: "LADIES & GENTLEMEN: Your Portland Police Department". The picture that got me "temporarily blocked" on Facebook. Well, I got news for those motherfucking bastards, I shall terminate my Facebook account myself...well, as best I can!
Well, I did as I was told and removed the "offending" picture. The result? I am "temporarily blocked" from posting anything on Facebook. The due process? There is none! If for example, I post a video to You Tube and there is a question of copyright, I can actually exchange information with a person, somewhere, and the issue is usually resolved within 48 hours. Not so with Facebook, because I cannot find any button to push that would allow such a thing!

And so will end my Facebook experience. I've used it as a social networking device to promote my videos or blog posts. I shall now seek out a replacement. A replacement, I hope, which will not summarily, without due process, censor my posts!

WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Facebook practices censorship!

And you call yourself liberals!

Do something about it! Because, right now, being "blocked" I can not!

UPDATE: After 96 hours my "temporary" block has been lifted! I'd like to thank you all for your support and encouragement and hope you had something to do with this turn of events.


Unknown said...

at least the photo you posted is actually offensive. They have a zero tolerance policy against photos of babies breastfeeding. They don't have a problem with breasts in general, only when being used to nourish infants.

Anonymous said...

FB is doing a CYA. They've joined the far too gleeful authoritarian wave that hit us after 9/11. They haven't the subtlety to recognize satire when they see it. To paraphrase Pogo, Zuckerberg's mirror should read, "The enemy r us." - Joel

Bill Burge said...

I'm glad that photo triggered an immediate block that must have required a human to get involved. But a photo of a baby breastfeeding?!? All I can figure is that they have difficulty figuring out how old the "baby" can be.