Wednesday, August 17, 2011


“There’s two plainclothes cops backstage!” the anxious stage manager whispered at me. I stopped pacing in the darkened lobby.
“What?” I whispered back, “I have to go onstage in a few minutes! How’d they get in? What do they want?”
She glanced away, “Through the back. They heard we were starting a new theatre with blood and gore. They wanted to check it out.”
“So, what? What business is it of theirs?”
I was getting nervous. This was only the third performance and I had just started this theatre. I asked, “Where are they?”
 "I know that! Where?"
She motioned to the lobby door and I slowly opened it and we crept backstage. A few dark blue lights illuminated the corridor, but I saw no cops.
“What cops?” I whispered.
“They were here.”
We slowly moved to the dressing room. I could hear the actor’s voices echoing from onstage. As I looked into the dressing room I saw a couple of actors in varying degrees of undress. We moved along the corridor to the light booth. I looked inside through the dim light and saw only the light op.
“Where are they?”
She shrugged her shoulders and I rolled my eyes at her.
“Well, I don’t know!” she whispered with a hiss.
We walked into the costume room. It was empty.
“They must have gone out the backdoor.”
We stood motionless for a couple of minutes. Then we heard the next cue approaching and dashed backstage.
I had to close the theatre two weeks later, citing a lack of attendance.

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