Monday, July 10, 2017

We Should Be More Like Edith Bunker

This is a 40 year old two part episode of "All In The Family" broadcast in 1977 on CBS-TV. It addresses headlong our faith, our ability to accept people for who they are, and the devastating effects of tragedy that so often befalls our brothers and sisters. That part of society 40 years ago and so much more today, that insists on 'punishment' for sins that I believe, quite frankly, are bullshit. Since when should love ever be punished? Since when should who someone is be a subject of punishment? Questions that have been with us, our societies, for thousands of years. 40 years ago, we were given witness to something that had never been discussed before on TV, and within the confines of the typical American TV sit-com.

The character of Beverly LaSalle (played by Lori Shannon), had appeared twice before on show, starting in 1975! I must say, that this "All In The Family" TV show gave me a foundation to work from that had not really existed in my life before. These preconceived notions of race, gender, politics, draft dodgers, Viet Nam vets, inflation and yes, even Watergate, were changed in me because of this show. Maybe I was lucky in that these strong foundation bricks to my character, as it were, were laid at such a young age. I mean that, not only as a person, but also as an artist.

Perhaps some of you, who know me as a rather outspoken non-believer in monotheism, and the horrors of such beliefs, I think, have been inflicted upon the world, would be surprised by my recommending these episodes. It's all about Edith, that's why. It doesn't matter if you accept Edith's faith in God, you can understand, that throughout the entire series, Edith accepted ALL. No one was denied entry into not only her home, but, more importantly, her heart. These episodes show that to a spectacular degree.

I am not imploring you to watch these two episodes. I am not even asking you to watch them. I am demanding you to watch them. If there is to be any real progressive change in our world, a real end to our hostilities, this journey must begin in ALL of us, to strive to be more like Edith Bunker.

Peace. And I love you all.

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