Sunday, May 28, 2017

Portland Knife Killer Was Apparently Bernie And Trump Supporter

In a not unlikely turn of events, the Portland man who stabbed to death two men and injured another on a MAX train last Friday, portrayed himself on social media as both a Bernie supporter and a Trump supporter. Twitter people were lighting up their accounts with posts of screenshots of the knife-wielding killer on Facebook. Mostly, they had an agenda by pointing out the killer posted pro-Bernie comments and such. However, they are wrong, as are the media.

The killer, er, suspect, has a long history in Portland of causing trouble at not only pro-Trump rallies but also pro-Bernie/democracy rallies. He was well-known to police. The media is playing up his posts on social media about pro-Nazi this and pro-Trump that while completely ignoring his pro-Bernie sympathizes. He also has an extensive criminal history, again known to the police. Here is a screenshot of a post showing one of the suspect's, er, killer's, pro-Bernie militant rants.

Seems a bit unhinged, doncha think? Especially compared to another post of the killer's which is certainly not pro-Trump as well. In fact, it is downright scary.

What is going here? In my long history as a Progressive in Portland, the police have been known to infiltrate groups, some to which I belonged to at the time, and to also illegally surveille said groups and to also send agent provocateurs to rallies to disrupt them with outrageous and media sexy antics. It appears to me, that this knife killer was likely such an agent. Both pro-Bernie and pro-Trump rally organizers complained to police about this man and they say nothing was done about him. Why would the police do so, if he was on their payroll? Just a question to ponder.

In the above post, the killer's rantings make the Cascadia and State Of Jefferson movements look bad, too. That's a classic psy-op tactic: guilt by association. It makes no sense on the surface given the brutal nature of this person's crimes. But, as far as you know, the killer was a wild-eyed Trump supporter and for some of you that's just peaches and cream. Any other narrative is simply going to be ignored by you otherwise, of course, your head might literally explode in a JFK kinda way.

The end result was tragic. Two men dead and another one injured. The killer spewed racial hatred at two women on the MAX train. Three men decided to call him on his bigotry and the killer reacted by pulling a knife.
It is a sad truth that in the headlong rush to achieve an agenda, deaths occur. Families suffer. Fear is stoked. Truth is buried.

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