Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lennon Guitar Sale Story Shows Journalism Really Is A Dead Horse

Further proof that 'journalism' is a dead horse.

John Lennon's stolen Gibson acoustic guitar that he owned for barely a year and-a-half starting in 1962 was sold at auction for the ridiculous sum of $2.4 million. Some media outlets substituted the fact it was stolen with the catchy euphemism of "lost".

Almost all the major 'news' outlets reported the same egregious error by stating this guitar was used in the recording of the songs, "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "She Loves You" and "All My Loving". Did these 'journalists' ever listen to the songs? Apparently not, for the guitar Lennon used for those songs was his ELECTRIC Rickenbacker guitar! It's obvious! And has been for over 50 years for crying out loud. In fact, the sound Lennon got out of his guitar for "Hand" was used only a couple of more times during his entire recording career with The Beatles.

It truly is amazing mainstream media (MSM) totally screwed up by not listening to any of the songs, but must have also engaged in totally lazy journalism by using the same error filled press handout. CNN fired their fact checkers? Time at least hints this error was due to the auction house's handout. But, still. These idiots, I mean writers, must have listened to perhaps one of the songs. Oddly, The Guardian gets the basics about the guitar's Lennon history right! Even music magazines couldn't be bothered with facts, like Billboard and (gasp) NME.

ACK! Idiots who make money with lazy, non-fact checked writing bullshit make me want to spit!


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