Saturday, September 5, 2015

False Flag Hoax News Story With No Apologies

As usual with stories such as this, there is a high likelihood that the linked articles and especially videos will simply disappear from the internet. Therefore, I have included relevant screenshots at the end of the article just in case.

The cop involved in this hoax has 'suicided' himself.


The last few weeks has seen seemingly one news story after another about either cops shooting unarmed people or cops being ambushed and shot. Social media has been more active over these stories than a school of piranhas fighting over the carcass a blue whale. It's like open season, but it seems some agencies have tried to not let a good crisis go to waste. This time, the false flag was spoiled and the backup plan had to be initiated. Unfortunately, this backup plan was more crappy than the recent live TV shooting.

Originally, in the midst of all these shootings back and forth between police and civilians, this story appeared, apparently showing the dastardly depths that evil perps were willing to go in their mass slaughter of cops. Millis, Massachusetts police went positively shelter-in-place with this event and a massive manhunt was underway. The TV news dutifully reported the story complete with witnesses who were very descriptive with what they saw.

Well, before you could print out a thousand signs reading, "police lives matter", the story became one complete clusterfuck. By admitting to a hoax perpetrated by the police officer involved, the inner workings of a false flag event and the corresponding fake news has become glaringly apparent, hopefully to even the most sheep of sheeple.

Instead of chasing a truck which shot at his cruiser, which he then crashed and which then caught on fire, the officer actually crashed his car for some reason and then shot it up himself. I write "some reason", for although the police department is calling this a hoax by the cop, no reason for it has been forwarded. Maybe that part of the script is still being written. For initially, the police response was massive and local TV news were interviewing not one, but three witnesses who described seeing the police car chasing a maroon truck. Was this originally a false flag event to further foment the narrative of police being in perpetual danger of ambush and such that went wrong? So wrong that a Plan B was quickly trotted out to be consumed by the masses? And the three witnesses who were interviewed by the TV news were just terribly, horribly mistaken by what they claimed to have seen?

The big question here is: what precipitated exposing this as a false flag and the trotting out of Plan B? Because Plan B means that there was never any maroon truck being chased by a police cruiser regardless of what have happened. Therefore, the witnesses interviewed were either lying or actually saw that part of the false flag being played out. Either way, it looks as though hoax news was right there to perpetuate the "story". Let that sink in for a moment.

Perhaps some intrepid local citizen filmed or took a picture of the cop blasting away at his patrol car. Perhaps said citizen then called local authorities about what he/she saw and then, dammit to hell, Plan B was hastily implemented. Just a few of many questions this bizarre story has generated and, oh, by the way, nary a retraction of the original "story" has been offered by the 'news'. Certainly, no re-interviewing of those witnesses has been conducted. And no apologies.

(One of three witnesses to the police cruiser chasing a maroon truck.)

(One of three witnesses to the police cruiser chasing a maroon truck.)


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