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News Crew "Gunned" Down On Live TV?



The news broke early this morning that on television during a remote report being broadcast by Virginia television CBS affiliate WDBJ, an apparent fatal shooting was shown on live TV. While doing a standard stand up interview on a balcony with a woman from the local Chamber of Commerce, shots are heard off camera and the reporter starts screaming and running away while the woman being interview appears to duck and the cameraman drops the camera. A freeze frame from the news camera footage shows the 'shooter' pointing his gun at the cameraman who apparently is prone on the ground. It is later reported that both the reporter, Alison Parker, and the cameraman, Adam Ward, were shot dead and the woman being interviewed, Vicki Gardner, is in stable condition at the hospital.

(Anchor at studio: "OK, not sure what happened there." Exactly!)

The shooter, described as a disgruntled former employee of the TV station (as if there is any other kind), was even wearing a camera on his head and recorded the shooting (until the camera apparently falls to the ground). He then posted the video to both his Twitter and Facebook accounts before both were quickly removed. However, intrepid folks on the internet did managed to save copies of the especially troubling shooter POV video. It is disturbing in a number of ways but not because it purports to show people being shot. BTW, neither video is graphic. Here are the links from two sources with one of the videos embedded below (but for how long?).

Let's breakdown the POV video and I'll use screenshots, too, in case the video itself (maybe eventually) disappears. The first disturbing aspect is how a guy with a camera around his head just walks up to the scene without any acknowledgment by the people. The cameraman has his back to the guy and is concentrating on his shot, so that can be excused. However, neither woman, especially the woman being interviewed, appears to notice this guy walking right up to them wearing a camera on his head.

Then, perhaps the most disturbing and baffling moments, when the shooter pulls out his gun (which appears to be a Glock) and points it at the reporter from three feet away. Again, the women don't notice the gun! And the shooter is holding it there for several seconds. It is especially baffling because the gun is obviously in the sight of the woman being interviewed. He's holding the gun in sight of his camera for a good 5 seconds. I mean, the gun is so close to the reporter she could easily reach out and touch it!

(Don't mind me!)
Then, the gun goes out of camera view and the shooter is sort of standing there, shuffling a bit, and then raises the gun again. It is important to remember at this point that the time from when he first produces the weapon and when he starts firing it is approximately 24 seconds. Would you be able to ignore someone pointing/holding a gun at you for that long without any reaction at all?

The gunman manages to get off three shots that are seen before the camera tumbles to the ground and the last images are the balcony railing spinning. The reporter not only runs away from the shooter, but manages to hold on to her microphone. The video goes black and one can continue to hear screaming and more gunshots before it ends.

What are we to make of these confusing series of events? Especially the total obliviousness of the women to the obvious gun thrust right at them? Also, since the gunman was a former employee who had been acting so irrationally that the room was cleared when he cleaned out his desk after being fired and he was escorted from the building by police; how did he know where this live report was going to be shot??? This event is very reminiscent of many other baffling stories such as the handcuffed suspects committing suicide in the backs of police cars, the Sandy Hook principal being interviewed by the local paper after she was dead, or the fatal car crash of reporter Michael Hastings. Is this another in a continuing series of false flags and/or psy-ops?

Recall the post-9/11 anthrax scare that was mainly directed at some high profile types of the mainstream media and politicians. Before that event, there was some foot dragging by the 'news' and some politicians to get behind the Bush administration's fervent desire to seek revenge on somebody somewhere, preferably Iraq, of course. After the anthrax, almost all went into a lockstep march with the administration on the road to endless war. Is that what this odd-looking, almost staged, shooting is about as well? Killing some of the media's very own to get them in line with the current divisive and ultimately nonsensical agendas, whether it be guns or race?

When you see the gun thrust toward the reporter and there's absolutely no visible reaction, then read the official version being passed around, it reminds me of the punch line of Chico Marx from "Duck Soup": Well, who you gonna believe? Me or your own eyes?

It's important that we watch how this event will play out.

Well, this article was only published for a few minutes before both videos above were censored by You Tube! An all too common occurrence these days. The Liveleak video link is still available. Remember, none of the videos originally posted were graphic in any way. You can find actual graphic footage all over You Tube (car wrecks, fights, shootings) but for some reason, with this particular story, it has been difficult for people to keep their videos from being pulled (censored). Once again, I've found the two different angles of the shooting on You Tube; but for how long, I cannot say. Here are the links below.

Two additional events have happened to call into question the official narrative of this story and add (if that is possible) more downright bizarreness. First is an attempt to answer an obvious unasked question about how no one, especially the woman being interviewed, noticed this big guy pulling out a gun from feet away and then sort of just stand there. The victim herself, through an interview with her husband, "solves" that conundrum by saying she was BLINDED BY THE LIGHT. Oh, well, the camera light blinded her. However, as the photo above, and shown here again below, shows, the camera (and thus the light) were off of both women when the gunman walked up and started pointing the gun. Nice try mainstream media. Next!

Within hours, fellow co-worker Chris, was making the TV interview rounds proclaiming that the reporter, Alison, was the love of his life. Their heretofore secretive relationship could now be outed, post-mortem, as the "white hot...relationship" it was as he carries around a scrapbook of their lives from interview to interview. But, whoa there little doggies! The same day the reporter was reported shot dead, another guy was posting on his Facebook page a slew of photos and remembrances of Alison as the love of his life! What the hell? What was odd about Daniel Wulz's Facebook page, is that other than the days after the shooting, you would be hard pressed to find any pictures of him and Alison or comments. So far, his Facebook pages remains up and running, but just in case, I've included some screen shots below. As far as is known, Daniel has not been interviewed on TV, etc., about his relationship. Now, will the real love of her life please stand up???

Just raising more questions, questions, questions.



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