Saturday, September 8, 2012


If you were youth

Youth, is wasted on the young
Is wasted on the young
Is wasted on the young

There they sit
Beggin' for dollars as they protest
While on the street blandly playing chess
Apparently they'll never confess

I hate listenin'
To your wigger language
When you have no clue
What it means to be a black youth

If you were youth
Don't be frivolous and cor-rect heirs
If you were youth

Demographics say I'm too old
Too old to buy your products
They say I'm too old

Young may say
My mind is such a blather
What's the frequency Kenneth Rather
My words are such a mess

So, youth, you're wonderin'
What happened to this song
You thought you'd get better billing
If you were youth
If you were youth....

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