Monday, September 17, 2012

Ed Wood, NOT Stanley Kubrick, Helped NASA Fake Moon Landing


New information has revealed that the long standing conspiracy theory that famed director, Stanley Kubrick, helped NASA create the Apollo 11 moon landing is, in fact, a hoax! Fiction is stranger than truth as long secreted government documents reveal that NASA indeed faked the moon landing, but the director of the project was none other than so-called "worst director in the world", Ed Wood!

(Iconic director Ed Wood)
Ed Wood, the cross-dressing director of such infamous schlock classics as Glen Or Glenda and Plan 9 From Outer Space, was tapped by NASA to direct their Apollo 11 moon landing hoax movie! Unnamed and unsourced officials deep within the military/industrial complex are quoted in the documents thusly, "Ed Wood is the perfect director for the Moon Hoax Movie given his public track record as an untalented hack director which was simply a well worn cover story propagated by our Illuminati pals at the CIA." Aha! Set up in the public eye as an untalented director was the perfect cover story for
(movie poster used in the massive cover-up)
one of the most talented science-fiction directors to have ever graced the silver screen. He would have been the last person to suspect as being behind the incredible hoax!

As usual, the "real" clues are scattered everywhere in the public record. For instance, Ed Wood was born on October 10th, 1924. 10/10/1924 or 10x10x1924= 192,400, the actual number of miles that the moon is from the earth! The names of the Apollo 11 command module and lunar module were Columbia and Eagle, respectively. Columbia, as we know, was the name of the studio that Wood secretly worked for and Eagle was Wood's pet name for his penis! In addition, Bela Lugosi, a frequent actor in Ed Wood's "cover films", was in actuality the cover identity of NASA uber-scientist, Wernher von Braun! Astounding!
(Alleged image beamed from the moon was in actuality shot on the sound stage of an underground studio located beneath Ed Wood's Hollywood home!)
So, why does everyone think it was Kubrick who directed the moon landing hoax movie? Why, that's classic double-hoax disinformation. People are far more likely to believe in the hoax if it was directed by someone with a resume that included such films as, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, and since it was a hoax of a hoax, plausible deniability was virtually guaranteed. Now, thanks to these long secreted government documents, we can at last bestow upon Ed Wood the true talent denied to him by the military/motion picture/fake moon landing/industrial complex!


K.J. McElrath said...

Are we getting a little bored, here?

Eric Sloane said...

Funny stuff. Have you considered becoming a comedy writer in LA? This is classic conspiracy fodder.