Saturday, August 25, 2012

New York City Police Kill Gunman AND Wound 9 Bystanders

From the "you just can't make up this stuff" department comes the stunning story of a police shoot down of a gunman in New York City that came only minutes after Mayor Bloomberg spoke on his radio show once again about the need for gun control. Unbelievably, even though all the bystanders were shot by the police, Mayor Bloomberg callously used this tragic event to call for laws to enforce stricter gun laws on civilians and not the police! He also fabricated details by saying all the bystanders were hit by fragments or ricochets.

(This man, a bystander, was shot in the elbow by police.)
Even though Americans are still awaiting any surveillance video from the Aurora, CO theater shootings, for example, NYPD released video of the police shooting of the gunman within hours of the event.

The sequence of events has a disgruntled ex-employee walking up to his former boss on a busy sidewalk and shooting him in the head several times. He then put the gun back into a black bag he was carrying and fled the scene. Around the corner from the initial shooting, a construction worker alerted two police officers to the gunman who was walking in front of the entrance to the Empire State Building. As can be seen on the released videos, the two officers come up behind the gunman and appear startled when he stops, turns around, reaches into his bag and pulls out his gun, pointing it at them. Before he can shoot them, the officers shoot at him with 16 rounds, striking him several times while also hitting nine bystanders. The gunman falls to the sidewalk on his back and raises his arms a bit as he rapidly succumbs to his wounds.

(The gunman falls to his knees while being shot by police.)
It is a miracle that none of the bystanders were seriously hurt or killed. The Mayor's fragments story doesn't wash as one man was shot in the elbow, a woman was shot in the knee and another was shot in the neck. Finally, after the gunman is shot, he falls on his back and dies, but the NYPD rolls over the dead body and cuffs it!

(The dead gunman now lying on his stomach and handcuffed.)


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