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MASS MANIPULATION - A Study Of The Aurora Theater Shootings

At this point, a month out from the horrific shootings at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, to question any part of the official story is to invite derision as a tin foil hat wearer or the certainty that questioning equates you as a supporter of the shooter. These reactions are to be expected because they are one of the many byproducts of mass manipulation. Questioning equals conspiracy theory and questioners are conspiracy theorists. Or the wearer of tin foil hats.

With this study, I would like to move past this knee-jerk equation of what defines questioning of any official story. I am not proposing a conspiracy theory. My main purpose is to ask questions of the simplistic official story of a very complex case. Due to this complexity, only one portion of this story will be examined in each post. Along with asking questions there will be an examination of the mass manipulation that came from nearly every corridor of power from the Mainstream Media (MSM) outlets to the White House.

#1 "THE Strange Case Of Jordan Ghawi"

Jordan Ghawi is the brother of one of the victims of the shooting, Jessica Ghawi. He identified his sister as a victim within minutes of the shootings. Because of that twitter post and others, plus a blog he started, her death became known to the MSM fairly early on in the coverage. What a great, tragic story they had with Jessica Ghawi. For, she was one of them, an aspiring sports reporter for a radio station in Denver, branching out into television. If that wasn't enough, she had barely survived a mass shooting in Toronto at Eaton Centre only six weeks earlier, which she blogged about under the name of Jessica Redfield. You just can't write better copy than that for a breaking news story.

If questions about the official story can invite derision, imagine what questioning the story of a victim's relative could invite. But, such is this case here, given the strange time line of events surrounding the story, accepted without question by the MSM, as related by Jordan Ghawi. Actually, 'glaringly without question" would be a better phrase, as we look at it, but completely ignored by the MSM, as if being a victim's relative in a tragic crime gives a reporter a pass to Journalism Amnesia 101.

The official story and eyewitnesses give a time of approximately 12:33am for the shootings in theater 9 of of the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora is in the Mountain Time Zone (MTZ). Jordan Ghawi, at 11:28pm (MTZ), or 12:28am Central Time Zone (CTZ), his time where he lives, tweets that, "Well this could easily be the worst night of my life." This is over sixty minutes before the shooting occurs. How does Jordan Ghawi know it "could easily be the worst night" of his life before the shooting even begins? Like so many mass manipulations, this one can be seen from the beginning as having unanswered questions which will never be asked by the MSM. And Ghawi's tweets continued this strange trend all that morning and into the afternoon.

At 12:49am (MTZ), 1:49am (CTZ), Jordan Ghawi tweets that, "It appears that my sister has been fatally wounded in a mass shooting at a movie premiere in Denver, CO.", which gives the MSM a poster child of their own to flash across the screens. Identification of the other bodies is 12 to 18 hours away. Why does Ghawi identify his sister as a fatality at the shooting so soon? It has been only approximately 16 minutes since the shootings started and a mere 10 minutes since the first 9-11 dispatches. How does he get such information so quickly? Simple, when Ghawi writes in the blog that he created for his sister, only 90 minutes later, he changes the time! Recall, his twitter account shows the tweet at 1:49am CTZ, or 12:49am MTZ at the shooting location.

But, on the blog he created for his sister, he writes, "At approximately 2:15 (CST), I received an hysterical, and almost unintelligible, phone call from my mother..." 2:15am is 1:15am MTZ, approximately 20 minutes after his tweet where he uses the phrase "fatally wounded". He continued his mendacity in the blog post, "I was able to contact the man that was with my sister, mutual friend Brent, who stated that they were in the theater...", and goes on to describe in a rather gruesome way, the death of his sister. Yet, given the time line, his recounting of the story, the facts do not add up, whether or not he knew about it at 12:49am (MTZ) or 1:15am (MTZ).

So, whether or not you place Jordan Ghawi's blog post into either time zone, this is his "only statement that I will make on the events surrounding what appears to be her death". He describes a very specific time line of events, and what is more interesting to this study, his time line can be telescoped into either a 16 minute span or a 30 minute one. This is his only statement on the events of his sister's death:

"Jessica and Brent were seated in the middle portion of the theatre when a device was thrown into the theatre that produced a “hissing” sound. The theatre than[sic] began to fill with smoke which is when patrons began to move from their seats. At that time, shots were fired. Brent and Jessica immediately dropped to a prone position for cover. Jessica advised multiple times for someone to call 911, which Brent immediately attempted to do. Brent then heard Jessica scream and noticed that she was struck by a round in the leg. Brent, began holding pressure on the wound and attempted to calm Jessica. It was at this time that Brent took a round to his lower extremities. While still administering first aid, Brent noticed that Jessica was no longer screaming. He advised that he looked over to Jessica and saw what appeared to be an entry wound to her head. He further stated that Jessica presented with agonal respirations[sic]. Brent then took what may have been his only chance to escape the line of fire and exited the structure where he then contacted my mother. Brent’s actions are nothing but heroic. The veracity of any other statements not issued by myself or Peter Burns should be questioned."

First of all, all this comes from Brent, who was shot twice. Secondly, Jordan has moved the time he learned about his sister from before1:49am to 2:15am (CTZ). Thirdly, here is what went down given a time line of approximately 16 minutes from the first shooting at approximately 12:33am (MTZ) to 12:49am when Ghawi tweets about his sister's "apparent" death:
The shooting begins and Brent and Jessica throw themselves to the floor. She calls out for someone to call 9-11. Brent begins calling 9-11 when Jessica is shot in the leg. He abandons his call and applies pressure to her wound. He is shot in the legs, but continues to apply pressure, when he notices that Jessica is no longer screaming. He looks at her and sees a bullet wound in her head. Deciding to save his ass, rather than hers, he leaves her on the floor and escapes. Despite have two wounds, he manages to call Jessica's mother and tell her the bad news. Shaken, the mother decides to call her son and tell him the bad news. All within 16 minutes. Does this make any sense at all?

When mass manipulation is working, it makes perfect sense, because emotionally, people have a visceral reaction to a story of grief. No time is taken by them, and certainly not by the MSM, to actually examine a story and discover it's preposterousness. In this case, social media, time stamps and any amount of critical thinking may undo the entire official story. Why would Ghawi move the time of the phone call from his mother by 20 minutes? Why report his sister's "apparent" death over the internet? Why did he end his only statement by basically saying only statements made by others should be questioned?

Of course, there was more to follow. Jordan and a friend began what could only be described as a tour of every media outlet as they gave countless interviews based at a television station in Denver. Jordan's mission was a laudable one in that he asked that people not mention the killer's name but remember the victims instead. He began to get promises from major media outlets and eventually the President of the United States himself, to not mention the killer's name. It became such a big deal that questions about blackballing the name of the killer became editorial fodder. More mass manipulation as the story is focused away from the killer and away from inconsistencies of the strange story told by Jordan Ghawi himself.

Laudable, but ludicrous, for a public event such as the tragic shootings at the Century 16 movie theater demands that we know who was involved, from victims to shooters to first responders. Among the questions asked above about this part of the shooting story, the last question is wanting as well. With his tireless efforts to reveal to the internet his sister's death, his creating a blog, his many tweets, his many blog posts and his many interviews; why wasn't even he able to follow his own script to not mention killers names? To wit, his tweet from July 23rd: "Anders Breivik killed 77 in Oslo so that his voice could be heard in the form of his manifesto. Let us stop providing platforms for them". 

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