Sunday, July 22, 2012

My 1st Year Of Blogging - Here Are The Top 10

(photo by Tammy Harrel-Fraley)
As difficult as it is for me to contemplate, this marks my first year of blogging. After publishing some 60 posts, readers from all over the world have read enough of them for me to create a Top 10 list of blog posts. As I've said before, Americans love lists and nothing is better than reading lists than creating lists. I thought about creating my own personal Top 10 list, but I'll just stick with a list based on reader "views" with appropriate comments. Not surprisingly, the articles about conspiracies lead the way.

"JFK CONSPIRACY-The Proof Is In The Warren Report" was one of two postings concerning the 48th anniversary of JFK's assassination. This one far outpaced the others on the list and is certainly in my personal top five.

"JOHN LENNON - A Conspiracy Of Silence" wherein I reprinted the original script for the documentary of the same name. Due to time limitations, the documentary was kept just under fifteen minutes, which meant some material was edited out. I felt some readers might enjoy the longer version and apparently they did. The article also includes a link to the video on You Tube.

"Obama: Extra Judicial Mass Murderer" was by far the most popular blog in terms of page views at the end of 2011. I'm pleased as I feel it is one of my best works.

"Walter Cronkite Was The Source Of The Core 'JFK Conspiracies' came about after watching the original live broadcasts from CBS News on that fateful day in Dallas. I was amazed how many of the subsequent "theories" were originally reported as facts.

"Presidents Who Owned People" is still one of my personal favorites. Pictures and history! I got the idea after reading a well researched article about our Presidents.

"Shooting On A Shoestring Budget, Part 2" was part of a series of postings I wrote regarding the shooting of that fabulous new short film, "Our Neighbors"! This was originally #10 on the end of the year list. Nice to know there are some filmmakers out there in the Random world.

"JFK Assassination - The Correct Conclusion Regarding William Greer" examined the many theories surrounding the driver of JFK's limousine.

"The Strange And Deadly Journey Of Navy Seal Team 6" while placing eighth was certainly first in the amount of comments it generated. It is one of my best on-the-spot postings. Since then, the Obama Administration has continued to target drone attacks even if innocent people get killed.

"Blacks SHOULD Be Outraged Over Trayvon Martin Killing" is my personal favorite over the last year and the one I'm most pleased with. In case anyone out there still thinks race relations in the United States are improving, well....

"We Hold These Truths..." was something I dashed off one night in a fever pitch and I'm glad it caught on with readers.

The last year has been interesting for me personally, accompanied by the highs and lows that are matter of life here on Earth. A big THANK YOU to all my readers and don't forget to click on those ads because every dime helps a small enterprise such as Random Thoughts.

For further interest, here are the Top 10 countries that viewed my blog posts over the past year (led by the good ol' USA of course).

1. United States

2. United Kingdom

3. Russia

4. Canada

5. Germany

6. Australia

7. Netherlands

8. India

9. France

10. Brazil

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