Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's YOU ARE, Stupid!

If Facebook has taught us anything, it is that people posting on the social networking site have real difficultly figuring out which words to use in certain common sentences. "Your" and "you're" may be the most often misused words. Now, for your edification and possible amusement, is a list of the most misused words.

YOUR - use: Is that YOUR gun?
YOU'RE - use: YOU'RE not going to use that gun!
COARSE - use: Don't use COARSE sandpaper to clean your gun.
COURSE - use: Of COURSE you may use my gun.
TO - use: You better go TO the gun store.
TOO - use: I will use your gun, TOO!
TOO - use: It's not TOO often you let me borrow your gun.
THERE - use: I keep my guns over THERE.
THEIR - use: It's THEIR gun you drunken fool!
THEY'RE - use: Let's rob my friends because THEY'RE not home and don't have guns.
We here at Random Thoughts... hope the preceding has been useful and informative. Otherwise, the grammar police will show up at your house and you may wind up looking like this:


Anonymous said...

"TOO - use: You're are TOO kind loaning me your gun. (notice the double use of you're/your)"

^ shouldn't it be "You're TOO kind to loan me your gun. Of course I won't use coarse sandpaper." 'You're are' would be redundant.

Rod Harrel said...

Problem edited and corrected!