Tuesday, March 19, 2019

What If Corporate Dems Revived "Red Channels"

Over the next few weeks, I will be periodically posting articles as would likely appear in a Corporate Democrats revival of the old Commie hating warhorse, Red Channels. It's what they do best the last 3 years, so why not go full board? Some may feel these parodies go too far(!), while others will feel they don't go far enough.

First up, their introductory article, WHY WE FIGHT.

THE MAD MARCH of red fascism is a cause for concern in America. But the deceit, the trickery, and the lies of the American communists are catching up with them. Whenever the spotlight of truth is focused upon them they cry, "Neo-McCarthyites!".

The Russian Lovers of the United States are a fifth column if there ever was one. It is far better organized than were the Nazis in occupied countries prior to their capitulation! The purpose of RED CHANNELED is to expose these Traitors, these people and organizations that are Treasonous to the United States, whether they be in media, politics or the plumber who fixes your sink. There can be no other alternative given the mountain of proof that Putin himself hacked into our Presidential Election and installed his puppet, Donald J. Trump.

Over and over, Trump has proven his slovenly loyalty NOT to America, but to the Motherland of Russia and its iron clad dictator Vladimir Putin - the MASTER KGB SPY! Those who would criticize our government and its institutions, especially our glorious and brave intelligence agencies, are nothing more than Putin Lovers. They must be exposed and their employers and their friends must shun them and turn them over to the proper authorities. The Mueller Investigation has shown it has no compunction to indict these treasonous TRAITORS.

After the Russians stole our last election, it is tantamount that every American goes to the polls this Fall. Every American must help us expose those who support Trump and his puppet master Putin. Trump must be thrown out of office and a legitimate President be sworn in as we see fit. Putin's puppet's laws and appointments will then be declared null and void and we as Americans will begin to truly make our country great again!

WE WILL PREVAIL to restore Patriotic America and vanquish the Putin Lovers!

(from The Financial Tribune, under Fair Use)

--- The RED CHANNELED Patriots ---

James C. O'Meally, publisher
Peter N. Barely, vice-president
Byron Scott Thatcher III, managing editor/spokesperson
Robert "Mad Dog" Kerns, editor

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