Friday, October 23, 2015

Oswald Backyard Photo "Real" Claim Government Sponsored Researchers!

This past week has seen government paid shills led by Dartmouth's so-called scientist Hany Farid trot out their "research" showing the Lee Harvey Oswald backyard photo to be real, NOT FAKE. This was duly noted by the Mainstream Media, which over 50 years after the JFK assassination, cling to the official version of events like a baby clings to it's pacifier. Perhaps the funniest and most egregious (as usual) was the CBS "News" reporting, with the model newsreader exclaiming after the "story" with all due seriousness and finality that, "In other words, Oswald did it!"

Ever notice how "scientists" never use their fancy computer capacity and 3D technology to look at say the Hughes or Zapruder films? Because their government handlers don't want to reveal truth, merely to obfuscate it! Nearly $1.7 million in grant money in nine years? Look, Farid and Dartmouth's grant money, in part, came from government organizations like Homeland Security and the FBI. Some of the very entities with a good reason to keep the JFK cover-up going and going and going...

Let's look at this recent "news" more closely. Farid and his team have practically no credibility because they take major pains to avoid the fact there are three other backyard photos. They merely concentrate on one photo and only mention the others in a buried footnote. Probably because examining the other photos would expose them for the charlatans they are. Three of the photos show various positions, but Oswald's head matches in all using the simple overlap method. That, if the photos had not been tampered with, is an impossibility. The fourth photo shows one of pictures in mid-composite as the Oswald figure has been cut out. This confirms Oswald's alleged comment that the photo showed to him at Dallas police HQ was a fake. All the photos are still part of the archives.

(The three backyard photos.)
(A backyard photo in the middle of a composite job. Found in Dallas Police files naturally)
(From CTKA.)
As pointed out by researchers over the years (and supposedly Oswald himself), Oswald's face is superimposed on the body at the chin. The chin in all the photographs is square; Oswald had a round chin. It also doesn't help that the lead scientist, Farid, has stated, “You can never really prove an image is real, but the evidence that people have pointed to that the photo is fake is incorrect. As an academic and a scientist, I don’t like to say it’s absolutely authentic …" Wait, what? Well, he has almost made a living off this one photograph, publishing three papers about it starting as early as 2009. That's the American way after all, isn't it?



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