Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WACO PART DEUX - Bikers vs. Cops


Here's one thing about the Waco Bikers vs. Cops shootout on May 17th, 2015. I've looked at the one hundred plus mug shots. Remember it was a big biker brawl with chains and knives and then guns and damn if those mug shots look fine! I mean, mighty fine. Not a cut, nor scrape nor green eggs and ham. But, anyway, damn(!), but them guys are behind bars on a $1 million bond each. Why not? We only killed nine, I mean they 'only killed nine'. Who had guns? Uhm... Or, injured 18. Wait. What? What was the final tally in all this bloodshed? But, please, fer gersh sakes, ignore those mug shots! Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! Big biker brawl. We should be seeing some scrapes, perhaps a minor bruise? A little itty bitty cut maybe?

(Need to make a cell call, OK, brother? Well, no prob, brother.)

So, by now you know I think something is up other than a biker brawl "gone bad". The meeting was known well in advance. Law Enforcement knew about it a month previously. Associated Press has seen the in restaurant video (which, of course, at this date has not been publicly released) and it does not jibe with this big ass biker brawl in the restaurant. Again, look at those mug shots. But, anyway, so in an age of everyone with a cell phone camera, we have only one. Uhm, OK, that makes sense, I guess, oh(!) has the world gone...uhm, anyway, no video of this big ass bike brawl, with some 200 bikers, plus the people in the breastaurant and, why bo-de-dedle-lee, please stop looking at my breasts! Start shooting some gosh darn video that is going to buttress this story. AND, yes, I said buttress. Wait. What?

Apparently, Waco is holding the detained Americans for ransom.

Officials are finally being slightly scrutinized for this behavior.


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