Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where In The World Is Barack Obama?

I ran across this video on the so-called interweb. In it, President Obama appears out of nowhere to give his 'peaceful' bomb the shit out of ISIS speech. Beside the point that ISIS was created by the United States Government to fight that badass Assad from Syria and is now our new, polished public enemy number one, we have the Obombster seemingly being beamed in ala Scotty-style to give his latest all important speech to the American sheeple, er, uh, I mean , people. I mean, where in the world is Barack Obama? This green screen speech given on the anniversary of 9/11 is odd enough, but Obama appearing, nay materializing, to give the speech is well, uhm, a bit bizarre, don't you think? Kill Usama! Oh, wait, we already did, right?

I mean, really, here is this video of him appearing out of nowhere. It must be a Republican plot, right? Well, then, there, now. Regardless, the President Peace Prize once again extolls us into yet another war. Another war. I'm so fucking tired of these endless wars. Aren't you?

The video, is of course, no longer available. That should tell you something.


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