Friday, November 11, 2011

Obama Thinks You Are An Idiot

President Obama's Veteran's Day remarks expose his belief that Americans are a bunch of idiots. We are incapable, he believes, to look beyond his statements to see how hypocritical he is, what a mass murderer he is and that he continues to receive support from Wall Street. We are apparently incapable of doing simple google searches which easily belie his remarks. See this and this for some background.
Photo source: C-Span

On Veteran's Day he has the unmitigated gall (like previous presidents) to use the occasion to invoke God, country and the like to make us and veterans feel okay about the obvious use of the military to defend and expand Wall Street's interests. In his remarks at Arlington, Obama continued his amazing ability to lie with a straight face. Without a trace of irony Obama stated that, "(i)n Iraq, they (the troops) have battled a brutal insurgency, trained new security forces and given the Iraqi people the opportunity to forge a better future.  In Afghanistan, they have pushed back the Taliban, decimated al Qaeda, and delivered the ultimate justice to Osama bin Laden. In concert with our allies, they have helped end Qaddafi’s brutal dictatorship and returned Libya to its people." Again, he thinks we are idiots. That we don't know Iraq was a war begun based on lies; that Iraqis have been slaughtered by our Armed Forces by the tens of thousands; that bin Laden was "killed" on May 1st of this year; and that Libya was a war of colonization.
A US Predator Drone - photo source: Dept. of Defense
We are suppose to ignore, apparently, Obama's inability to do simple math: "Ninety-one years ago today, the battlefields of Europe fell quiet as World War I came to a close." Well, actually, it was 93 years ago. Of course, the whole Veteran's Day has morphed from its original intention of Armistice Day. A day to remember the end of the war to end all wars and the signing of the armistice by the Allies of World War I and Germany.

Yet, most galling of all was Obama's statement, "You, our veterans, fight so our children won’t have to." Really? This Endless War has dragged on for so long that the veterans who fought at the beginning of it now have their children fighting in it today! With no end in sight to these endless wars, it is highly likely that children of the children fighting these illegal wars today will be fighting on and on against enemies created by our intelligence agencies into the next decade of this century. Then, the president in 2021 can stand before our troops and blithely enumerate his set of lies disguised as platitudes.

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