Friday, October 7, 2011

OCCUPY PORTLAND - Day 1 - new video documentary

It was certainly an interesting day in the annuals of marches in Portland. The crowd, which I estimated to be near 10,000 at one point, was, how can I say, cordial. Of course, as you will see in this short documentary, there are many underlying causes to bring out an overnight camp out in downtown Portland. I mean, Portland! Home of the sit-lie ordinance among others, and here the mayor let's them stay overnight, but gotta be out of there by 9am! What will happen next? What do you think? Portland has not seen a mass occupation of property in a long, long time.

So far, as of Day 5, Occupy Portland continues to occupy two downtown parks. The Portland Marathon went off without a hitch, despite some shrill interweb postings predetermining what the protesters would do to their marathon. The police are now trying to get Main St. between the parks reopened.

I hope you enjoy and share this video.

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