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JAMES DEAN - Complete Film & TV Work

I went looking for a comprehensive list of all of James Dean's television and film work and couldn't find such a list. If you can't find it, create it, right? No list of television work can be truly complete because several of Dean's live television shows are lost. Back in the early 1950's, television was not only voracious for talent to create weekly shows, the networks were notorious for treating finished shows as a throwaways. Live shows were filmed via the kinescope process so the program could be shipped to the West Coast for viewing. Sadly, a lot of those programs have been lost to time.

(Dean menacing Ronald Reagan with a gun from The General Electric Theatre episode, "The Dark, Dark Hours", 1954. Original image CBS-TV, reprinted under Fair Use)

(As the aged Jett Rink from "Giant", 1956, his last film. Image copyright Warner Bros. reprinted under Fair Use)

Not all of Dean's TV shows were live, those that were filmed are so noted. Where applicable, or at least allowed, links are provided to view the works online. Noteworthy points of some shows or movies are noted. There is controversy surrounding whether or not Dean did indeed appear, uncredited as a Copyboy, in the Humphrey Bogart film, "Deadline, USA" (1952). Also, some live TV shows incorporated filmed scenes which were used mostly for transition purposes.


James Dean's first paid gig. He was 19 and a student at UCLA.

FAMILY THEATER: “Hill Number One” as John - 3/25/51 (film)
Dean's first job in TV. He's not very good.

THE BIGELOW THEATRE: “T.K.O.” as Hank – 10/29/51 (film)
TROUBLE WITH FATHER: “Jackie Knows All” as Randy - ABC – 12/7/51 (film)
With Martin Milner.

CBS TELEVISION WORKSHOP: “Into The Valley” as GI – CBS – 1/27/52

STUDIO ONE IN HOLLYWOOD: “Ten Thousand Horses Singing” as Hotel Bellboy [uncredited] – CBS - 3/3/52
Apparently, Dean's first live TV New York gig. This clip says it all.

LUX VIDEO THEATRE: “The Foggy, Foggy Dew” as Kyle McCallum – CBS – 3/17/52 (film)
All that remains is this short and silent clip.

KRAFT TELEVISON THEATRE: “Prologue To Glory” – NBC - 5/21/52

STUDIO ONE IN HOLLYWOOD: “Abraham Lincoln” as William Scott – CBS – 5/26/52

HALLMARK HALL OF FAME: “Forgotten Children” as Bradford – NBC – 6/22/52
Another small part.

THE KATE SMITH HOUR: “The Hound Of Heaven” as The Messenger – NBC – 1/15/53
TREASURY MEN IN ACTION: “The Case Of The Watchful Dog” as Randy Meeker – NBC – 1/29/53

YOU ARE THERE: “The Capture Of Jesse James” as Bob Ford – CBS – 2/8/53
DANGER: “No Room” – CBS – 4/14/53

TREASURY MEN IN ACTION: “The Case Of The Sawed-off Shotgun” as Arbie Ferris – NBC – 4/16/53

TALES OF TOMORROW: “The Evil Within” as Ralph – ABC - 5/1/53
With Rod Steiger.

CAMPBELL SUMMER SOUNDSTAGE: “Something for an Empty Briefcase” as Joe - NBC - 7/17/53

STUDIO ONE: “Sentence of Death” as Joe Palica - CBS – 8/17/53

DANGER: “Death Is My Neighbor” as J.B. – CBS – 8/25/53
THE BIG STORY: “Rex Newman” as Rex Newman - NBC - 9/11/53
Dean gets top-billing in this early "recreation" crime show.

OMNIBUS: “Glory in the Flower” as Bronco Evans – CBS - 10/4/53
KRAFT TELEVISION THEATRE: “Keep Our Honor Bright” – NBC - 10/14/53

CAMPBELL SUMMER SOUNDSTAGE: “Life Sentence” as Hank Bradon – NBC – 10/16/53

KRAFT TELEVISION THEATRE: “A Long Time Till Dawn” as Joe Harris – NBC - 11/11/53
Part of a busy November, 1953, for Dean.

ARMSTRONG CIRCLE THEATRE: “The Bells of Cockaigne” as Joey - 11/17/53

ROBERT MONTGOMERY PRESENTS: “Harvest” as Paul Zalinka – NBC - 11/23/53

DANGER: “The Little Woman” as Augie – CBS – 3/30/54
DANGER: “Padlocks” as Felon – CBS – 11/9/54 (film)

GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE: “I'm a Fool” as The Boy – CBS - 11/14/53
First performance with Natalie Wood.

GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE: “The Dark, Dark Hours” as Bud – CBS – 12/12/54
With Ronald Reagan.

THE PHILCO-GOODYEAR PLAYHOUSE: “Run Like A Thief” as Robbie Warren – NBC - 1954

THE U.S. STEEL HOUR: “The Thief” as Fernand Lagarde – ABC - 1/4/55
With Mary Astor.

SCHLITZ PLAYHOUSE OF THE STARS: “The Unlighted Road” as Jeffrey Latham – CBS - 5/6/55 (film)

FIXED BAYONETS as Doggie [uncredited] – 20th Century Fox – 12/1951

SAILOR BEWARE as Boxing Second [uncredited] – Paramount – 2/1952
Martin and Lewis and Dean! Just Dean's clips only.

DEADLINE, USA as Copyboy [uncredited] – 20th Century Fox – 6/1952

HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL as Soda Fountain Patron [uncredited] – Universal – 5/1953

EAST OF EDEN as Cal Trask – Warner Bros. – 4/1955

REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE as Jim Stark – Warner Bros. – 10/1955

GIANT as Jett Rink – Warner Bros. – 11/1956

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